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  1. I tried making a map for the past hour or so. For some reason I can't stop overthinking it. Of course, that gets in the way of even doing a quick speed map "zero effs given" build. Dang.

    1. Fonze


      What fun would life be otherwise if we were not our own worst enemy? There is no real easy answer to fighting against yourself, but actually experiencing whatever it is; in this case: "drawing random shapes and going with it, few fucks given," and then seeing it turn out okay. Aside from that, merely faith in these words coming from mappers you respect, much as I've heard them from mappers I respect over the years. Don't let your "vision" become your prison.


      That all said I look forward to what you do come up with; good bad or ugly, I don't mind. I dont think I've ever played one of your maps, which puts me at a disadvantage here as you've played one of mine for father's day a couple years ago (which we'll never speak of again, heh).


      Good luck on progress! Definitely post stuff as you can :)

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Good luck, we need that sequel to impencse.wad! :]


      Serious-ish comment: that just means that you care about not making a total unplayable crap-map. Why is that a bad thing? If it takes a month, so be it.

      (I personally can't draw a single startan1 room in one hour.)

    3. Job


      Thanks for the encouragement, guys. Your input helped push me toward making a new map and getting past the sticking point. I may just finish this one! 


      By the way, Fonze, I have actually released a few maps, although only two of them are something I'd be willing to claim. ;)