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  1. Do you ever feel as though it's easier to map for Doom 1 due to the wider variety of base textures and fewer weapons, pick ups and enemies? 

    I do. Sometimes, it feels as though its lacking allows you to distill the gameplay into its simplest essence, whereas Doom 2 can sometimes feel "over-nuanced." Of course, that's just my opinion.

    1. Albertoni


      I really, really like the spots the new enemies fill.


      That said, yes, the simplicity makes for calmer maps, no way you're doing skillsaw style battles in good old Doom 1. And I like that.

    2. Fonze


      Doom 1 fits a different gameplay bill than Doom 2, with much more emphasis on slower-paced combat and exploration. I do love me some Doom 1 textures, along with tnt ones, but once it gets to the gameplay building phase you will have to jump through more hoops to make the monster/item placement "fun." However, I do heavily miss woodmet and tekgreen textures in Doom 1 mapping. But there is a wood texture with horizontal metal support strips in Doom 1's set, as long as you don't mind cutting it every 24 vertical pixels, lol. Still, the tekgreen textures are incredibly useful for bits of horizontal trim of varying heights. But compohso of Doom 1 is such an incredibly beautiful texture for detailing; I love it.


      The first step of building a map is designing basic shapes, which partly relies on the monsters you intend to use and the gameplay you wish to foster, so even when just starting a map, the extra roster additions of Doom 2 give more degrees of freedom in layout/flow designs.


      Idk, I'd rather take the dive of 1-2 custom textures than give up my pain elementals ;p