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  1. If America goes to Hell, I'm bailing to the Netherlands or Canada. Fuck America, fuck the Constitution and fuck hope. Why not, afterall? That's what the politicians have done already. The best part is that my bitching is entirely supported by the actions of the people who run the country. Who I do not vote in.

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    2. KDarigal


      geekmarine said:

      Er, been following the news lately? War isn't working. I mean, I never had any faith in the administration to begin with, but I can't believe they had no plans for what to do with Iraq after they won. Really, way to go there, Dubbya. "Quick, we need to take action before anyone has a chance to think of a rational plan," seems to be the message here.

      no, it's all part of the strategery.


    3. Sephiroth


      the last 2 decades have seen decay in many areas. companies hold a vast amount of power, more than they should far more. hell we have a president with his hands in oil, SUV's and such and his vice had something to do with enron. the economy is going well but companies are makeing it look bad. many blame the death of the large number of internet companies. well that was normal, it was a new technology and stuff like that ALWAYS happens, look at cars.
      layoffs are common because government has reduced laws and regulations on companies. they say bad economy but they are doing it to increase profits. A good example is the company my mother works for. they do publishing for school books, so business is always strong. Infact this year they have added new client sand had large leaps in growth. profits are high however they have layed off more people than ever before. my mom's department is on required overtime with no pay, and they have recieved pay cuts on top of that. the work force is stretched thin and this has been on going for 6 months. personaly i am sure that violates a number of laws. As i said before this company is doing rather well now.

      yes alot needs fixed, and by saying alot thats just me being nice. Government waste is at an all time high, even for war time. if those in power during WWII saw us today theu would shit bricks

    4. Disorder


      I suggest Canada, although I live in the Netherlands. It's easier for you since you wouldn't have to learn a new language, and so making friends and finding a job would be less difficult. You're more than welcome though :)