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  1. I'd have to say the weirdest thing I ever ate was caviar. It has a consistency like tapioca, without the pudding part. First, it's really, really salty and then tastes vaguely fishy. Best eaten on a Breton (tm) cracker.

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    2. Danarchy


      Well barring grass, paper, crayons, and other stuff kids eat, I've had some pretty strange stuff.

      Once I went to a fancy four or five star Italian restaurant for a family reunion and I ordered a sampler platter of appetizers. One of them was goat cheese in plum sauce which was REALLY tasty.

      Once I was bored and a mixed Orange Juice, Root Beer, Sprite, Milk, and probably something else too. It wasn't nearly vile as it sounds. It was actualy kind of sweet yet flavorless, but still undrinkable.

      Then I've eaten a whole host of weird yet normal foods like garlic fries, mizithra (goat cheeese) spaghetti, kalamari, sushi, fish burritoes, and White Rabbit candy. I've invented my own snacks like my Banana Brunch Sandwich and my Italian Cheese Disasters, but I'm going to keep the secrets of those recipies until I can write then down somewhere because they're really nummy. :P

      And last but not least, this weekend I had ice cream cone flavored ice cream topped with chocolate-flavored syrup, crunchy peanut butter, chocolate-chip cookies, and whole frosted donuts. Obviously, we were all stoned. :D

    3. Xaser


      I've eaten dirt, Play-Doh, and even a stick (yum).

      As for normal stuff mixed together:
      I've eaten a Fudge Brownie with Mustard on it (It's quite good, actually), and a donut with ketchup.

      Once, I even mixed Sprite, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Hot Sauce, Salt, Pepper, and Spaghetti sauce together and drank it. It was actually quite good, despite the fact that I had bad diarrhea the next day.

    4. Dingus Khan

      Dingus Khan

      One time Pregnant and I decided to make suicide drinks, which were the most hellatious drinks ever created. IIRC, we mixed instant coffee grounds, milk, chocolate peanut butter, orange juice, mustard, jalapeno jelly and lots of sugar. it was hardcore squared. I got the shits and pregnant was puking his fucking balls out afterwards. For some reason the combination of milk, mustard and orange juice had the taste of sweet sweet vomit.