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  1. Virgin or not? Bondage or not? Weirdest sex and the weirdest place? Strangest way to get yourself off? Mine was with a cup.

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      your mom

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      Hmm... I was a virgin (penetratively speaking) until two years ago. I'd started having sexual experiences with other people after the age of six though, so I think it was less special than it could have been. I'd been lying about my virginity from the ages 11-14 though, like the pathetic peerlessly peer-pressured little fuckwit that I was.

      As for strangest way to jerk off, I'd probably say a slab of rubbery, slippery silicon from the inside of a bike seat. Wierdest place: on a plane trip to America with my ex-girlfriend and her parents. Bondage: Doesn't really appeal, but being held down/bitten/scratched is decent and very occasionally I like to be cut up a little.

      Not to hijack the topic, but what do you guys think of casual sex? Personally, it doesn't appeal much to me, since relationships are what I enjoy most but I'd be willing to try it once. Although I doubt I ever will, since I've never noticed anybody being that attracted to me off the bat.