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  1. Everyone can add a piece. I'll start with something easy.

    I was out at the grocery store buying a can of peaches for my significant other when I saw Cliff! I couldn't believe it was him! I rubbed my eyes to make sure, but it was him -- no doubt about it. Anyway, I couldn't tell what he was doing since he was partially covered by the door of the dirty Cadillac he was leaning out of. I stepped up and said "Hi Cliff, what's up?" He replied brusquely, "Don't you have any common courtesy, you shitstained fuckwit?! Can't you see a vet is trying to get some pleasure from life yet? Go fuck yourself with a dirty two by four you goggle-mouthed, good for nothing snaggleshit!" I wanted to say goodbye to him after that, it was a real treat to get insulted by THE Cliff Yablonski...but when I got closer I realized behind that door, King Re0l was giving Cliff oral sex! It was too much for me. I retched and ran away, but that memory will be forever etched in my mind. It was upon that day that I realized what a dried up piece of horse shit that dirty old incest by-product he really is. I mean, what a fag.

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    2. Job


      Job title says:
      I love homosexuals

      This should be fun to explain to the folks.

    3. Melfice


      *laughs his ass off at the irony*

    4. Job


      Melfice said:

      *laughs his ass off at the irony*

      Woah, woah my out-of-the-closet friend. I'm totally cool with homosexuals. I'm not a gay basher in any sense of the term. Kudos for them and being proud. In fact, I think the title is kind of cute. So don't be running around thinking I'm some sort of hate monger.