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  1. One time I was working at the grocery store and my friend and I talked about what we would do if we had babies. We were talking about what horrible fathers we would be if had them and how our wives wouldn't tolerate our negligence. When we made wailing noises in aisle seven, people stared at us. Aisle seven has cleaning agents and soaps and detertergents in it. Sometimes suicidal people go there to find something to drink. Or other people buy stuff to huff there too, but that's okay. But it also has pet foods -- mostly for cats and dogs, but that's okay, it kind of makes sense. My manager said it has the least profit ever because no one really buys food for their pets a lot and don't like to clean too much. But that's why the stuff is so expensive in that aisle anyway. Anyway, no one likes it when you say bad things about what you might do to babies because at the time we lived in a town that was conservative and so it was frowned on to say bad things like that. But we did not care, we knew we would not get fired. That's because someone once used their box cutter to write "Daves Sucks" in the men's bathroom floor. Dave is the owner of the store. So it was funny. I didn't like working there too much, but I got paid so it was okay. We had to wear red aprons though because red is the store color. I didn't much like the apron except if there was a beautiful woman in the store, it would hide my erection if I had it tied down tight enough. So yeah, I don't like babies, but that's okay.

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    2. Job


      Not too much is going on right now, really. I'm still seeing the psychiatrist on a fairly regular basis. I was told they're still collecting data or info...something like that. So apparently, after enough sessions, I'll be told more on the situation/my condition. Thanks for asking, though.

    3. AndrewB


      Total: 3 votes 100%

      I guess there is some justice.

    4. Job


      AndrewB said:

      I guess there is some justice.

      A damn shame, since it was probably the best out of the "wacked" polls.