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  1. I would have made this 2000th post in Blogs, but you get no post there, so it would've been self-defeating. However, let me make this post somewhat meaningful by asking this question: How many of you know of the Evil Dead series as well as Army of Darkness and do you like it? If so, for what reasons? (this can also apply to any AoD video games...shoot, Doom'd make for a good AoD TC <---no new project tags!!)

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    2. Ichor


      Put in Blogs instead because that's where he originally wanted the thread, and because I really don't see anything wrong with the title.

    3. Danarchy


      Evil Dead 1 - meh
      Evil Dead 2 - the best
      Army of Darkness - pretty cool

      Never played the game, and yes an Evil Dead TC would own.

    4. Bloodshedder


      Someone has already done an Army of Darkness modification.