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  1. Heh. I was looking over the latest harvest of threads in Post Hell, and noticed a thread in there that was started by me. Interestingly enough, I didn't even start it. Apparently, someone else made it in my name. Very classy, very cool. That is definitely where teh funney is. Check it out for yourself.


    No. Seriously. I was amused.

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    2. Grazza


      Maybe he forgot to delete his cookie when posting from a public computer.

      Actually, on one occasion I was unable to delete my cookie from a public machine, because it detected the word "fuck" several times on the page, and consequently barred access to Doomworld completely.

    3. Ichor


      I doubt it, since that's the same IP as the post in this thread.

    4. Job


      Job said:

      Most of the games you mentioned are games I'm a fan of. But I'll mention a couple of my faves that no one listed yet.

      1.) Fatall Fraem!!one!1

      2.) Humping Ling to erotica

      That's why I thought Ling might've done it. Plus a couple conflicting posts between him and myself that led up to that. Either way, I don't know how it happened. I'm perplexed. Lastly, ravage, try, just try to resist the urge to be a moron -- see what it feels like for once to not behave like a child.