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  1. I have indeed tried Chasm. In fact, I own it. I bought the fullware off of ebay, and if you're looking to get it, you'd be wise to look there.

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    2. alexz721


      kain said:


      I find that spelling really funny for some reason.

    3. kain


      i said damnb cus thats how we say it in ga. we add a lil suntin suntin at da end! the b is partially silent. seriously. i was like wtf at first. i loved workin there. onetime this lady with only overalls on, i mean ONLY came in to buy a game. well, she was incredibly hot, and i was incredibly drooling. she had a tattoo on her whole ar, and she was black. the kind of light brown dominiquan black. she probobly was dominiquan.

    4. Grazza


      Sadly, Funney has now definitely left that building and is getting beaten up by a couple of thugs in the car park.