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  1. On CNN, the Bush-Cheney campaign spokesperson said the president has made our contry safer. No. Bush's abysmal foreign relations policy has made us a favorite target of a lot of countries and, at the least, other countries have turned their back on us.

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Yes, the United states was a target before Bush. Unfortunately, president Bush made the hatred 100x worse. George Bush basically made the statement "The United States is the Greatest Nation on Earth"... a bold stance to take in a world where we try to preach equality. Did France HATE America before the Bush Admnistration basically called them spinless, gutless cowards? THere may have been some animosity before... but For France to HATE the US now is more than acceptable. The President's stance that he and this country are Oh So morally perfect is abominating. The United States has it's moral dilemas just like any other nation, we are no better or worse. The Middle east hated us long before now... and since the president rolled into another sovereign nation and basically told them we can run their country better than they could is more than anything going to create MORE anger towards the western world AND Make us a more direct target.

      In September of 2001, the United States had the sympathy of the world... hate them or not it was a terrible tradgedy. Now... 3 years later... The world hates us more than ever. The United states could have used the events of September 11th to usher in the 21st century, showing dignity and resolve in the face of such tradgedy.

      But alas, The President chose to Return Fire on those not involved and make us as a nation, tyrants, rather than lead the nation through a difficult time. So yes, we are hated now more than ever.

    3. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      Oh yes, a big thank you to our wonderful Prime Minster John Howard for being so vocal in his support for Bush and his war! Thanks chief! I'm sure the free trade agreement was worth that attention!

      *Practise his New Zealand accent for the next over seas visit.

    4. Sephiroth


      heil bush!
      the beginng of the US empire, if not already

      what is the definition of an empire and would the US qualify? if so how long have we been one?