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  1. I'm in the market for a video card, so I thought I'd ask... What's a good video card that's not ATI or NVidia, but is pretty good for the money?

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    2. Sephiroth


      fact is nvidia and ATi are basicly the standard. however a number of cards use ATI and nvidia chipsets.
      think of them as Intel and AMD, yes there are others besides Intel and AMD but are they really worth it.

      for gameing stick with ATI or nvidia based cards.

      things to look for, full support for BOTH direct3d and openGL. many cheap cards have only direct3d or openGL . personaly i use openGL 99% of the time, well direct3d isnt in linux.

      also RAM and RAM type, GPU? speed. what features it has.

      a S3 or tirdent card is not going to be a good game card.

      however for basic graphics just about anything will do.

    3. Job


      Heh, well if worse comes to worse, I'll buy ATI or NVidia...but I'm having a tough time finding a decent deal online for either of them. And Best Buy & Circuit City have crap for prices as well.

    4. Sephiroth


      yea, where do you think we make money? its not on software, games and music.

      for gameing you basicly MUST have a nvidia or ATI chipset. that is because those are basicly the standard setters.
      however many companies offer cards that have those chipsets for a fraction of the cost over buying the card directly form ATI or nvidia.

      S3, intel, trident, sis, and such are very low end cards for basic setups. if that is all u need (these have no 3d accleration) then get them. however if u are looking for any openGL/direct3d then you are basicly forced into buying either ATI or Nvidia.

      like i said its like the intel and AMD, really to only 2 makers of x86 CPU's. yes there are others, but for mainstream use they just usally arnt worth messing with.