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  1. Why did it seem to end after my brief hiatus? It was flattering, though. Do I want it to restart or to continue? Oh yes. It was, and is, a good idea which will not be abandoned by me. Even if I have to finish it entirely by myself, though the result will be far, far worse off for it. I wish the old team would come back so that the project could be finished properly. We had some talented and creative (words so often overused, but in this case never truer) people who were offering excellent ideas and samples of work. I believed in this project before and I still do. Lastly, I've never been more sincere before in my life.

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Just make a thread in mods and wads like CC did.

    3. Silverwyvern


      or an easyboard

    4. Hyena


      Job: Do you use IRC? Yahoo messenger? Something like that?