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  1. I just got my Radeon 9600 xt in the mail today. It was a refurb from newegg.com. Though I'm wondering, is it safe for me to use the overdrive feature? I only have on fan in my computer, so I'm not quite sure if it's a good idea - especially since it's a refurb.

    1. Quast


      Job said:

      I only have on fan in my computer

      only one? on the cpu heatsink i assume...your psu doesn't exaust? the card itself has a fan/heatsink i believe. did it come with software that allows you to gauge gpu temp? nvidia cards do. though im not sure how hot your should get. If nothing else, if you can, leave the side panel open and have an oscillating fan blast air in there...if you're really worried about heat

      I ran my card (geforece fx 5900 ultra) at what i thought was normal operation, but the gpu was running at 70-80 degrees C idle! and I have plently of fans. i found out there was insufficient thermal paste between the gpu and heatsink...yeah the card is fried, yeah im happy...THANKS ASUS