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    2. lupinx_resurrected


      People = animals

    3. rf`


      lupinx_resurrected said:

      People = animals

      woah really

    4. Sephiroth


      people eat animals = yummy
      personaly i like a little varity. I tried bear meat recently, good taste. turtle is another good one, also deers and elk are great choices. there are 2 elk farms here, so i guess i should check them out.

      any other comercials of this kind

      i do remember a bird feeder that had an interesting anti-squirrle feature. when a squirrle sat on the seat to steal food it would launch the squirrle catapolt(SP?) style. it was battery operated and would pull the seat back down. the trigger was wieght sensitive so birds would not set it off. though it isnt really cruel, unless you lanched them into a fire or a bed of spikes, it is very fun to watch.