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  1. Even though my family and I, even my sister, played Atari 2600 back in the day, I recall my most vivid experiences with video games at a different time. When I watched my older brothers playing games like Nam 75, Military Madness, Smash TV, Contra: Alien Wars, Streets of Rage, Castlevania IV, Street Fighter and a lot of other games on their 64" projection screen tv, I'd say those were some of my best memories. Anyway, what's your first/best/most vivid video game experience?

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    2. dsm


      My first "real exposure" to vid games was also the first time I got to experience them. I was three years old and the game was...I think it was called "Centipede" or something (you play a centipede that eats all kind of computer symbols, but must avoid the poisonous mushrooms, the letter 'T'). I was hooked instantly.

      Sadly, our computer died and I didn't get to experience any games on computers for the next five-six years or so, but I did watch a lot of arcade machines (my parents normally wouldn't afford me the luxury of playing them - only twice did they give me a single coin to use on an arcade machine; I usually died really fast because I sucked).

      I think I was eight or nine years old when a friend took me to his home and showed me an Amiga 500 game called "Dino Wars" - fun, fun.

    3. Trasher][


      I was six, and my dad (rest his soul) was introducing the family to the latest in gaming: Wolfenstein 3D.

      I still carry the emotional scars today.

    4. kainisbanned


      well, my brother had a vic 20 and i used to play raider rat race, and some pipe game, and gourilla. i mainly played whatever he had though.
      then he got a computer.i remember playing cosmos great adventure and some star wars simpulator where i piloted an x wing or someshit. i also loved to play ski free, gourilla on qbasic, and nibbles on qbasic. then i got an snes. and i think the first game was some weird squirrell with a mowhawk. i dont know. but i only had street fighter 2, mario cart, star fox, tecmo basket ball, paperboy2, and that was it. that lasted me a damn long time. o yah, and the lawn mower man.

      those are all fond memories cus i didnt play video games that much. mainly cus my grades suck ( still do ) and my mom would hide them. my last real system was a dremcast.

      now i have a car and i dont play games anymore accept if its over at someones house. other than that, i wont buy any more.