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  1. Last week Friday (26th of Nov.) I snagged a new PS2. I didn't really care that it was the new downsized version, I just wanted to get one. Long story short, it's Tuesday and controller port 1 doesn't read the joystick, yet it works just fine in port 2. Suffice it to say, I'm kind of mad that I have to ship it all the way to CA to have the system, the controller and the memory card (they wanted all peripherals) replaced. Are there any horror stories of these new PS2s being faulty in anyway? Someone I know said they're more prone to overheating, but that could be a rumor.

    But yeah, I'm not too happy about this situation.

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    2. Bloodshedder


      Perfect way to show you hate them by buying another system!

    3. Ralphis


      Cash in and get a gamecube. Nintendo makes the most durable hardware on the market.

      Bloodskull said:

      I'm planning on buying the new ps2. My ps2 has a burnt out lasers so I can't use black or blue discs on it. I went to EB to find some information about the new trade in system values. Turns out I'll only get 30 instead of 70 because of the lasers being burnt out. So I asked how much it is to send my system back to Sony to fix the lasers. Gonna cost me $100. Fuck that, I'll just buy myself a brand new one. I hate sony now.

      When I got my gamecube, the laser burnt out about 6 months after buying it. Nintendo paid for fixing it completely, including shipping.

      Janderson said:

      I can't understand how you people do it. I bought my PS2 4 years ago and it's never had a problem. Hell even my ps1 still works and I got that the very day they hit the German market.

      My old NES still works, as well as my genesis/32X, SNES, PSX, N64, gameboys, etc. People just don't take proper care of their stuff.

    4. DoomDan


      My First PS2 stopped working when I got GTA 3.The game would freeze alot when it was loading new areas and after a while most of my games wouldnt work.I got a new one in January 2002 and its been working fine ever since.

      Although Im still quite pissed that all my files in my memory card were erased because of the recent Playstation underground demo.