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  1. After my car, an '88 Acura Integra, crapped out on me last Friday, I got it towed to a repair place to get a diagnostic run on it. It seems that the ignition fried which in turn blew the distributor and now both need to be replaced at the cost of $400. Kinda sucky when you consider that I bought the car 2 and a half weeks ago for $300 (though it's actually worth about $500-600). Oh well, crap happens, especially with older cars.

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    2. Infinite Ammunition

      Infinite Ammunition

      Scuba Steve said:

      It's a fucking Station Wagon.

      can it ride off cliffs and hold a million square feet of subtle references in the trunk?

    3. SYS


      Job said:

      Heh, well, like I said, the car blue booked for about $500 or $600. I actually know the guy who sold it to me - he's the father of one of my better friends. It used to be his son's and then it was sold to the father and then I got it. So I knew the car pretty well when my friend owned it. That's why it was a bit cheaper than usual. It was a good vehicle, so I had no doubts it would be when I got it too. Truthfully, since I'm new to manual transmission cars, I probably put it through hell during the time I was first running it. The car's getting repaired at a Firestone garage my brother in law swears by, so I'll assume the mechanic(s) are all right.

      That's good to hear. Learning how to drive a standard can cause alot of abuse to the transmission and other parts of the car when you fuckup. I was working as an extra on the movie "The Perfect Score" Anyways, they were shooting this dream sequence where this beautiful Ferrari Testerossa drives away from this rich kids elementary school which is passed off as an American High School in the film. Anyways they get one of the crew members to drive the car. He hops in, fires it up, moves two feet and fucking stalls it. The car starts moving back and forward causing major unwanted wear on the transmission.

      So after that fiasco, they get the owner of the car to drive it instead. To some, they're overpriced Italian pieces of shit, but I find them to be beautiful cars. You can get a late 70's to early 80's 308 for 30,000 CDN. Only trouble is, the price in maintenance will eat major holes in the average Joe's bank account. They need to be serviced after every 10000 kms, and prices on parts are fucking steep. There's no such thing as a real cheap exoticar, unless your into building replicas, and even then they can get pricy, and time consuming.

    4. Sharessa


      I drive a '86 Chevy Astro and its starting to go downhill rather quick. Every month or so, theres some new probalem that occurs and it needs to be taken into the shop and when I get it back, it drives completely different and I have no idea if what I'm feeling is bad or not. It's pretty weird really. The whole thing bumps and sputters so much that I don't think I'd notice if someone hit me. Also, I've been having problems with stalling a lot recently which was actualy a problem with the transmission popping off at a certain spot. Luckily, that got fixed about a week ago...I hope.