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  1. The solenoid unit on my car is fruited out. I found out today after running a diagnostic - kinda funny that it went bad a day and a half after I got my oil changed at the dealership I bought my car at. Hopefully this'll be covered by my powertrain warranty, or I'll be boned since it'll probably cost a good bit to replace. So good times on that. Oh, and I'm dating a girl who lives 35 minutes away. Great person - I'm sure we'll make it past the usual euphoric "omg we're going out lolz" stage. But that's a matter of timing. Which reminds me...hey Bloodskull, got any advice on how to make this a long-lasting, meaningful relationship?

    1. Planky


      You've made the first step by posting it in your blog - just wait for the trolls...

      Seriously, sucks about the solenoid, congrats on the GF.

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