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  1. I took apart my laptop to plug in some ram (pretty old laptop, P2 era) and long story short, everything seems to work when I turn it on, except for one thing. The LCD screen is black. I have all the cables plugged in properly (the CPU is running without any apparent problems) to the mobo and I set it all back to the way it was. Anybody have an idea about what's up with it or what I can do to fix it?

    1. Bloodshedder


      Check your connections. Look for a very dark image on the screen; if there's one there, your backlight isn't turning on, but the screen works.

    2. Quast


      Job said:

      I set it all back to the way it was.

      Do you mean you took out the RAM you put in after you noticed the problems, or do you mean something else? That's the first thing I would do. If the problem persists with the additional RAM out, then you bungled some hardware when you put the RAM in.

    3. Job


      It would appear that whenever I reattached the bottom part of the laptop case, one of the cables would disconnect slightly. A bit of tight securing fixed that problem. Thanks for the help, everyone.