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  1. Grazza, my kitten of about 3.5-4 months recently developed a tendency to urinate on either of my two vinyl beanbag chairs. I think he's too young to respond to training spray and so far any sort of correlation to "No!" and his urine haven't really worked with a punishment following. Previous to this (about 4 known incidents so far), his litter box ettiquette has been pretty much impeccable. He doesn't really have a problem with defecating where he shouldn't, so I'm not entirely sure what could be the problem or what I can do. For the record, he's obviously not neutered yet (you can't do this operation until they're either 6 months or 12 months old I believe, one of the two), so perhaps he's just marking his territory? You seem to be the resident cat expert so I figured I'd ask. Thanks in advance!

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    2. Bucket


      Yeah, fantasic solution for getting an animal into a small spot-- fill it with an unfamiliar smell.

    3. Liam


      job, why do you have an Embryodead avatar

    4. Job


      Liam said:

      job, why do you have an Embryodead avatar

      I liked the picture.