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  1. He died this afternoon - my first deceased relative... My mom got a hold of me and shared the news. At least he was with people who loved him and whom he loved, my mother and her sister (I don't know if his wife was there...they had a strange relationship). Though I wished mom would have called me so I could be with him when he passed on, it's just as well. Apparently it wasn't pretty - labored breathing and shutting down organ systems. The careworkers at the facility had recently deprived him of his i.v. because they didn't see any point in sustaining him, though I'm sure it might have helped him if only for hours or a day longer.

    I guess the only thing I'm really sad about is the waste of his life. My grandfather didn't bother to be close to my siblings or myself and only until several years ago (he was almost 84), late in his life, did he try to make an effort to change his ways, though he was already bed-ridden from a fight with cancer.

    It was a damn waste and a real shame. Rest in peace grandfather - no ill will here.

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      My condolences, Job :(

    3. myk


      Bucket said:
      Chances are your grandmother is making a better time of this than you are. You get more than prepared for this type of thing at that age, and it has to do with more than just "getting used to it". I'd bet she's relieved no one will be farting on the couch anymore.

      There's no rule there. Both my grandmothers got unwell (i.e., pretty much lost their will to live) after their husbands died; one is dead, the other might be soon.

    4. -_DLD_-


      Blah, that's too bad, Job. I'm sorry to hear that.

      Me and my chin offer condolences.