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  1. I remember not too long ago that Manc had needed help with recovering data off of his borked HDD and the generous outpouring from the members of this forum was very impressive to say the least. Even though I can't offer what he can in terms of webhosting, I've come across a hard time myself and am calling on you for help.

    Recently, I had some pain in my farthest-back lower-left molar and had to go in to the dentist to have it looked at. When I finally went, the dentist found a good deal of tooth-related issues (a few good-sized chips, not having had a cleaning in four years due to poverty and now several new cavities due to lack of cleaning...I am willing to post pics as proof of this). So after going to the dentist the past couple days, I discoved I have all the listed stuff wrong that needs to be fixed. But it's going to cost $418 alone for the chips to be fixed (one of the two is on my top left incisor and will require a pin). I just did the cleaning today to the tune of $160 because xrays were required and next Wednesday is the appointment when I'm getting those chips fixed. When I go at that time, I'll get an estimate for my 3 cavities, which could cost between $150 and $175 to fix - I'm not sure yet.

    I'm hardly well-off enough to pay for the insurance for this, much less pay for the procedures, but it's always been my dream to get my teeth fixed and here's my chance (the rates are pretty cheap; I've checked around the area I live in). What I'm asking is if anyone who reads this board will be willing donate any money to help me with this expense, I'd be very thankful. I'll either have to set up a paypall account or if anyone is willing to mail a check or money order, that would be awesome. I want to remind you that I will make an effort to send some sort of gift or prizes to whoever is willing to help (I'm not sure what yet). Anything that you can offer would be appreciated beyond what I am able write here. Thanks everyone, this means the world to me.

    EDIT: My appointment for the chipped tooth repair will be this coming Wednesday, the 12th.

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    2. myk


      Grazza said:
      You guys with large dental bills might look into getting the work done abroad.

      In Job's case a plane ticket would already make it more expensive, unless you can get something like that in Canada or Mexico. Anyone else in the Americas (except Canadians who have a decent healthcare system anyway) would likely go to Cuba.

    3. Use


      Grazza said:

      Personally, I avoid large dental bills by simply not going to the dentist. :)

      I haven't been to a dentist once in my life. My teeth are in better condition than anyone I know...who all goto the dentist. Strange? Not really. If a dentist did his job properly he would go out of business. The money is in repeat visitors, so drill some holes, make some cavaties, send your kids to college!

    4. Job


      I appreciate your offer, Manc. It means a lot. After a lot of thought, I realize that it'd be best to just try to ford this one on my own. Maybe I can try to haggle them into a payment plan, even if they didn't seem willing to do that already, it's still worth a shot. I've got to try and bail myself out on my own. My responsibilities shouldn't compel me to ask you guys for help, it's not really right or fair. So thanks again everyone, I'll let you know how this turns out.