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  1. A senior college student has one semester of school left. His major is in English, a generally useless field for making money but useful for underscoring some ability to communicate with other human beings. Though he could comfortably make it by the last semester this Fall, he would be forced to search for jobs when he graduates in December.

    If he does choose to finish the final semester and graduate in December, the best lead so far for a position as technical writer in Lexington Park, MD, which pays $29k per year. On the other hand, he could opt for a job that is local (the same town he currently lives in for school) that isn't releated to his field but offers growth and advancement that could end up in his field somewhat. This job happens to pay $32k per year.

    Given the information in this scenario, which is the best option for the student?

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    2. spank


      I'd never have picked a degree in language in the first place, but that's me and my country's reality.

      Honestly, now that I'm finishing my own degree, I feel like I'm not ready to get a job and start my life up. If I could I'd spend another couple of years studying... and learning.

    3. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      Real life experience is the best way to learn!

    4. GGG


      Lots of applicants look better if they have a degree. Dropping out without a degree isn't a good idea in my opinion.

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