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  1. Like the thread title says, I moved to North Dakota. My fiancee' was originally born here, grew up here and ended up in Wisconsin when her dad accepted a great job. Long story short, he got a better job and moved back, so she wanted to do the same and be close. Since I'm not terribly close to my family in Wisconsin, I agreed to move out west with her to the southeast corner of NoDak. Here's some stuff I learned during the whole process:

    1.) If you go out of your way to help your fiancee' keep close to her family, said family will pretty much turn bizarro and become total assholes.

    2.) Giving up a $30,000/yr. job out of college (with an English degree) isn't advisable.

    3.) Being overqualified for a job doesn't mean you're going to get it...on multiple occasions.

    4.) You don't always get to do work that relates to your degree (duh).

    5.) It can be hard to reconcile intellectual pursuits with the desire to "blow shit up" and using motor vehicles for redneck-like activities.

    6.) More to come, I'm sure.

    Even with the negatives it's still been an interesting life transition and I've had the opportunity to see and experience of a lot of things I wouldn't have otherwise. I'll save the trouble of someone mentioning that this thread is a candidate for "most boring thread ever LOL." I've had a few beers and because of that, posting a thread about a life transition period seemed like a decent idea.

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    2. Lamneth


      GGG said:

      So you moved solely because of your significant other... That pretty much voids your arguments.

      I believe the term here is "pussywhipped"

    3. Job


      Lamneth said:

      I believe the term here is "pussywhipped"

      Not quite. I've got well over a decade of experience using 'ol righty (and here's to many more), so that's not something that can be held above me. I figured the term was "sacrifice." Having been a veteran of many, many pussywhippings, I can tell you that this is not one of them.

      However, the poster that said me doing this for the sake of my significant other voids my arguments is right. Although it should be a selfless act, there's always a deep-seated belief that it's their fault for wanting something that takes you from what you're familiar with...and that it's their responsibility when you're not happy with acquiescing to their wishes. Luckily, I'm over that now.

      Ichor, I'll be sure to post in hyperbole about the cold here. Fortunately, in my experience Wisconsin is usually a lot more unpleasant during the winter. Now if I were in the Grand Forks or Turtle Lake region, I'd be seeing crap akin to what goes on near the arctic circle. For now, I'll make do with the 94°+ temps we've been having here.

    4. Grazza


      Job said:

      Now if I were in the Grand Forks or Turtle Lake region, I'd be seeing crap akin to what goes on near the arctic circle.

      Actually, you could go a lot further north than that and find places with less severe winters.

      January 2007 temperatures for Longyearbyen (78.2° N)

      January 2007 temperatures for Grand Forks, ND