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  1. I had looked at pictures from the /newstuff and figured I'd dust off the old Doom2 folder and give things a try again. After downloading Doom Builder (which is better than ever, BTW), I found out that mapping is something you don't forget how to do, even if you're functionally retarded after a such a long time away.

    Anyway, my question is if any of you guys can recommend any good Doom 2 wads I can play to get re-immersed. I'm hoping for something with classic gameplay without any gimmicks or over-the-top visuals that detract from the level. I can only assume there's got to be a couple such maps that have been released since I last checked in. Thanks in advance.

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    2. Grazza


      Job said:

      EDIT: I am grateful and thankful for the life I have now...in case my statement sounded arrogant and unappreciative.

      No, it just sounded matter of fact, and gave the impression you have worked hard and got a fair reward.

    3. Danarchy


      Danarchy said:

      I lol'd, though I really should have. :(

      Whoops, I meant shouldn't have.

    4. Snakes


      Job said:

      Aside from getting back into Doom, I've been homebrewing for 4 years and have an $8,000 set up at home and a 6 tap kegerator (yeah, I guess I'm proud of that).

      That's pretty awesome, really. I've been planning on homebrewing in the future (when I have the money and the time), but sadly, just have to stick to the Doom thing for now.