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  1. Is the sky from Space Engine?
  2. That's what I did. I couldn't figure out how to align ceiling textures which bothered me a lot so I used UDMF. In hindsight that was most likely an unwise decision.
  3. Thank you everyone for the feedback. I updated the download link with some of the issues fixed. I balanced the map around being able to go left or right at the beginning but one issue I noticed was that both sides have to be balanced around that idea. In future maps I may keep this fork in road gameplay idea but will most likely not have those sections take up the majority of the map. One of the secrets involves accessing that outdoor area but I didn't take into account that the player could easily get to the secret from the yellow key room. Thanks for the video! I was interested in seeing how other people would have played this. The crate maze is one of my favorite parts of the map. I chose to make the crates invisible on the automap so people wouldn't use it to easily bypass the maze, I wasn't sure how that would be received so I am currently iffy on if invisible crate mazes should be included in future maps.
  4. *UPDATE*: Fixed switch near blue key not being repeatable preventing progression. Added fence to prevent the player from accessing outdoor secret from the yellow key room. Added teleporters to yellow key room in case the player falls in the pit. Slight enemy replacements. LINK: Single map for Doom 2 that replaces map01. Tested with the latest versions of GZDoom and ZDoom. PrBoom wouldn't launch the map. Hell has invaded on your day off! Now you need to go to work and pick up your last paycheck. Are you going to sit back and get in the unemployment line or are you ready to man up and fight for your last paycheck? Credits to my cat Fluffy for keeping me sane during the making of this map.
  5. From the map I'm working on. Thinking of increasing the light level in this room but I kind of like it this dark.
  6. Those textures aren't final. I was focusing on getting the layout done before I decorate it.
  7. Out of all the rooms I made today this is probably one of my favorites.
  8. From my map that is currently a work in progress.
  9. Nice! I love cinemagraphs.
    The idea behind of this set of levels was to remake the first eleven episodes of Doom 2 but to be harder and have a hellish landscape. While the mapper did an excellent job in making nice looking hell inspired levels they did not do as well when it comes to the overall difficulty. This won't be a walk in the park for less experienced Doom players, but will be easy for those who know the vanilla maps and are used to the more difficult user levels. Recommended for those who want to see a nice hell level inspired rendition of early Doom 2 levels.
  10. I’ve played through this after the first time you posted about it on the /vr/ thread. Overall great work and makes me wish I had something like this when I was a kid in school.
  11. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your review on the confinement community project. If you could give me some feedback about map 13 that you didnt like, I would appreciate it for future projects!

    1. Classicgamer6


      Well my main issue was that I could not find out where to go after I activated the chaingunner trap and the crushers started.

    2. Phade102


      Yep yep, the map in question was very confusing. even I had trouble figuring out where to go. i apologise you had a bad experience, your feedback will definitely help for my next project! =D

    Not for the claustrophobic, this set of maps manage to work well despite how small they are. Each map plays very well with the only hang up for me being map13. The difficulty definitely increases throughout the WAD but still remains fair. I recommend this to anyone who wants to play a good yet short series of maps.
  12. Map03 from Lost Civilization. One of the few level sets I found that manage to look great and play decent.
  13. It took me some time to get through TNT, my first attempt was in the second half of 2015 but I never sat down and went through the whole thing until March of last year. I would usually stop at or around map08 because at the time I found that map to be a chore to get through due to the end arena, however, once I got my some experience under my belt I managed to breeze through the rest of TNT. Well, it was not too difficult for me but there were still a couple instances where I managed to get held up yet was able prevail in the hope of finishing Final Doom. If this wasn't an IWAD I probably would of dropped it early on and looked the other way. I don't hate TNT but I just believe Plutonia is better since that has better level design in my opinion.