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  1. Classicgamer6

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I'm getting an Earthbound/Mother 3 vibe from this.
  2. Classicgamer6

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Early pic of my second level. This one takes place in a gothic style cathedral built into the side of a mountain, inspired by Petra. The main plan for this level is having the player lower the statue in the nave to get to the last part of the map.
  3. Classicgamer6

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    With the help I received from emprye I managed to get one switch to lower my statue instead of the two from before.
  4. Classicgamer6

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    For my next map I plan on adding a statue that acts as the entrance to the final section of the map. Spent the last two hours trying to get the thing to lower and change texture, ended up settling on two switches. Look isn't finalized, might use 3d floors but haven't decided yet.
  5. Classicgamer6

    A new (bad) "joke" mod

    Gained a new appreciation for Toto.
  6. Classicgamer6

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Not my cup of tea but still impressive though.
  7. Classicgamer6

    Impromptu Minidido RC1

    Played a little and I got to say that is one awesome soundtrack!
  8. Classicgamer6

    Intolerance - limit removing level

    I tried UV but got destroyed so ended up playing on HMP. Map is alright with no major issues. I appreciate the difficulty and the lack of resources, the level was hard but didn't feel like it was unfair. I like the long corridor of Hell Knights where the red key is located. However, I feel that the plasma rifle kind of made the hell knights useless since I was able to tear through the revenants and mancubus. I don't have a critique for that but someone else might. Also wasn't a fan of having the yellow key being located in the corner of the room. Aesthetic wise I feel that level was decent, reminds me of the 90s or mid 2000s level. One thing I would have done different would have been to recess the lights that are in pic below. Would of added some depth to the walls and made the hall look better. I am a fan of the stairs that are in the second pic yet I feel that they server no purpose other than to make that part of the hall less flat. As mentioned above I feel that there are a few too many secrets for a level this size. Three of your secrets bother me: I don't really care for secrets that are in behind spawn doors since they are easily missed (in your case that is even more likely since you can't get back to spawn unless you find the yellow key secret), the hell knight secret is a little less obvious since you can get up near from where they shoot plus the fact you can go right around both of those platforms with them on it made me think that was how I was supposed to get up there, the last secret to bother me was the secret where you had to fall off the bridge that secret didn't really seem necessary to me. The blue key in my opinion shouldn't be placed in the level, it existing in the level just seems to be there to pad out the length. If you want to make the level then making the yellow or red keys harder to get would be a better approach. Overall I liked this level but I feel like it could use some improvements. You have a few too many secrets for a level of this size plus the player can get stuck in the red key room buy falling off the platform, nothing wrong with that in of itself but combined with what looks like an area you can explore spells a recipe for a needless death. Despite all that I still find the level okay due to the hard but fair difficulty.
  9. Classicgamer6

    AshDream's 1st map released

    I just got through playing. Overall pretty good map with no major flaws I could think of. My only complaint is the death teleporter but that is only a minor complaint. I would telegraph it better by having some blood wall textures on it in addition to what is currently present. I definitely will play the other maps when they get released.
  10. Classicgamer6

    M.T EREBUS V2.

    I just got through playing this on Ultra Violence. Aesthetically wise the level is fine looks like it could be from 93. Gameplay could be improved though. Encounter wise I felt that you had just put large amount of demons in an area and called it good. The BFG and plasma rifle both present in this level in addition to the ample ammo for both trivialized all the encounters, including the mastermind and cyberdemon. This is mostly an issue since I feel that you wanted to make the level a little difficult by including both boss demons in addition to the swarm of other demons. Your level would have been more difficult had it not been for the excessive health items and ammo. For future levels I wouldn't have so many large ammo types appear on higher difficulties. Another thing of note is on my first play through I exited the level unintentionally because I wasn't expecting the action of opening the door to be the level exit. Clarifying that the door is the exit either through a sign or moving the exit behind the door and having the player go into a dark hall with an exit line in it would remedy this issue I have. That issue is subjective because other people might not have a problem with that but I personally don't care for. One thing that I really like about your level was that secret was obvious to those who pay attention to details but not too obvious to the point of being totally obvious. By no means is this a bad level. My final thoughts would have me consider this to be an average or slightly above average level for the reasons stated above. Hiding the secret better and removing some of the things like the plasma rifle or BFG in addition to lower the ammo count and health drops would make this level better. I'm not saying make all drops scarce but a balance is required. I can't really say where the balance is that is something you as a mapper must decide.
  11. Classicgamer6

    Pucking Doom: Hockey, but in Hell the pucks kill you

    It's drove me pucking insane. Recommended for the deep story line and episode 3 inspired gameplay.
  12. Looks pretty good! I'll play on release day that's for sure.
  13. Classicgamer6

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Reminds me of lunatic.wad also I like the trail behind the crashed ship.
  14. Classicgamer6


    Gameplay wise this WAD is okay, nothing too spectacular, but what it does right is detailing and setting the mood correctly. I recommend this if you like special effects in your Doom levels and it's short enough to beat in about an hour or so.
  15. Classicgamer6

    What nicknames do you have for monsters?

    revenant - skeletor mancubus - mancupussy Everything else is the normal name until they kill me then it will be whatever string of profanities I can think of.