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  1. Denim Destroyer


    Rather alright but nothing too special besides the spectral enemy gimmick and the marble theme.
  2. Denim Destroyer

    The Hangar

    Hangar is a single GZDoom level that has one of the best uses of 3D floors I've seen. There really isn't much I can say about this level except that is just really solid.
  3. Denim Destroyer

    Under a Freezing Sea

    I have a soft spot for levels set in somewhat realistic facilities that also feature a light horror theme, however, what I don't like are levels full of what can be surmised as annoying monster encounters. Specifically what I find annoying are the monsters placed on UV which lead to rather poor level flow. This level does look good and has a nice custom song playing but the stock scream sound effects that play somewhat frequently do detract from this. Overall this is an okay level that could very easily be made good if monster flow was made better and the screams were played less often.
  4. Denim Destroyer

    Energy Flux

    Playing this level brought up memories of playing Half-Life 2 with my GeForce 250 on ultra low settings what with the fullbright lighting. This level could seriously benefit from having less bright indoor/outdoor areas and some detailing to reflect that since as is this level has a rather basic look that is not complemented by the lighting. Each of the monster encounters are rather uninteresting with large groups of monster attacking all at once, however, these trivialized by ample ammo pickups
  5. Denim Destroyer

    Could the CDI run Doom?

    So I did some light Googling and this is what I turned up thanks to vidgeogameconsolelibrary.com. I'm not an expert in computer hardware so someone please correct me if I am wrong in my analysis. The CDI has a faster CPU than Snes does with a 16/32 bit CPU running at 15.5 MHz compared to a 16-bit CPU running at 3.58 MHz for NTSC. Note that CDI had several different models thus explaining why it can have a 16 bit or 32 bit processor. Another thing to note is that the CDI came with 1MB ram and the SNES came with 128KB of DRAM and 64KB of SRAM. The CDI has the benefit of using CDs so storage space won't be as big of an issue as it would on the Snes. The CDI also could have 32,768 colors on screen while the Snes was limited to 256 which according to my research was one of the reason why the Snes port of Doom lacked texture mapping. Snes Doom also includes the SuperFX2 chip which is another 16-bit processor running 21MHz designed to render 3d graphics that the Snes couldn't run on it's own. It is my conclusion that the CDI might be able to run Doom however considering that Snes Doom used the SFX-2 chip to run the a limited version of the game, one with out texture mapping or rotating sprites, a CDI version would run poorly due to having an overall slower CPU. As I said I am by no means an expert in computer hardware and all knowledge I have is rather basic. So someone knowledgeable please correct me if I wrong.
  6. Denim Destroyer


  7. Denim Destroyer

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I had inspiration to make a small hell map but I decided to incorporate my ideas from that into another project I am working on.
  8. Denim Destroyer

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    The puzzle on map 30 of TNT would of been a lot harder for me if my automap didn't show the teleport lines. Also I really like these gifs.
  9. http://2000ad.com/post/4322 Carlos Ezquerra, one of the men behind the long running future law-man comic book series Judge Dredd has passed away. I never read any of 2000 AD other than Dredd, which has always been my favorite comic book series. While Judge Dredd has never been a big of a name as Superman or Spiderman but he still has influenced other works of fiction such as being the main inspiration for the character Robocop.
  10. Denim Destroyer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    The graphics are the most realistic I have ever seen in a Doom level that's for sure.
  11. Denim Destroyer

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I like the idea of the moving camera for the menu background definitely helps set your level apart and is a nice take on custom menu images.
  12. Denim Destroyer

    Arctic Outpost [GZDoom Map]

    Was pretty fun though it took me two attempts because I gibbed myself. Big fan of the music and you can never have enough artic levels.
  13. Denim Destroyer

    Dark Labs

    Disregard earlier review server error caused me to download the incorrect file. So what do I like? The textures combined with the sharp lighting contrast between heavy dark and rather bright areas. What I don't like is the rather empty feeling level with large rooms and corridors filled with medium tier enemies on Ultra Violence, i.e cacodemons and hellknights, while only given a shotgun and chaingun. The issue with this is that encounters become more tedious than dangerous. I would add a super shotgun or spread out the medium tier enemy placement. The level detailing leaves a lot to be desired with the large empty grey rooms/corridors reminding me more of Half-Life than Doom. With some more detailing and better monster/weapon placement I would rank this higher but as it stands this level leaves a lot to be desired.
  14. Denim Destroyer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Looks great can't wait to play it.
  15. Denim Destroyer

    A Map

    Generally it isn't advised to take Oblige levels and claim them as your own.
  16. Pretty good UDMF techbase that doesn't go overboard with GZDoom effects. Features nice interconnected design and great use of colored lighting with the only downside of having too few secrets considering how easy the ones present are to find. Also big fan of the level name.
  17. Denim Destroyer

    "Favourite Horror Movie?"

    Despite already being mentioned my vote would go for The Thing followed by Halloween.
  18. Denim Destroyer

    What does your Doom folder contain???

    My general Doom folder consist of: doom/IWADS doom/PWADS doom/My_Wads The first and last just being individual wad files and a few folders. The PWAD folder is separated into the following categories: Gameplay Joke Wads Mapsets Megawads Singlemaps Total Conversions The mapset, megawads, and singlemaps folders are then divided up into two folders one being Doom and the other Doom 2. Did that so I could easily tell which IWAD is necessary. I also have general folders for series which contain the individual files.I have a standalone folder within my Total Conversion folder so I know which mod can be run by itself. I always use ZDL to play Doom so having a file system where there is not a lot of jumping back and forth makes life easier.
  19. Denim Destroyer

    Doom 3 running on Windows 98 with a 12MB 3dfx Voodoo 2

    Glad to see the tradition of running Doom on things it shouldn't extend beyond the first two games.
  20. Denim Destroyer

    Megalab.wad and Megawatt.wad

    Two pretty good maps from 1994 that have some interesting ideas in them that show the author wasn't afraid to experiment. With some minor changes these two levels could go from decent to good.
  21. Denim Destroyer

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I've been messing around with midtextures to create a 3D effect. I can see myself abusing this.
  22. Denim Destroyer


    Valhalla is a dark industrial techbase level that almost immediately sucked me in with its bleak atmosphere and amazing ambient music. Gameplay wise this level isn't too complex with its rather simple monster encounters that in a few spots provided a fair challenge for me on Ultra Violence. My only issues with Valhalla is that there are a few spots where the detailing can impede movement and cause pressing a necessary switch to be awkward.
  23. Denim Destroyer

    Umbra of Fate

    Absolutely amazing looking level that manages fuses Quake and Doom aesthetic into one colorful yet gloomy nightmare. The music and detailing is outstanding however, like other people, I managed to get stuck on a piece of trim or oddly placed pillar that almost ended in my death. Gameplay wise this level can be rather challenging in a few spots. Few of the custom enemies present can drain massive amounts of your health in one or two shots which would not be an issue if those particular monsters were placed with less monsters around them. For instance the Pyrosuccubus can drain massive amounts of your health in one shot and they are never by themselves. On the topic of monsters, the Hell Knight and Barons have faster moving projectiles which is an unexpected change that proves to be annoying in a few instances. The last topic I want to touch upon is the final boss. Without spoilers I will mention that I had to enable cheats in order to kill a supporting enemy allowing me to defeat the boss. The reason for this usage of cheats is that the supporting enemy was stuck inside a pillar causing it to not take damage. Overall I give this four out of five stars due to the graphics, music, and the level being a decent challenge. The reason it isn't a five is the couple instances of annoying monster encounters and the issue with the boss, I do concede that last part isn't necessarily the mappers fault but is something I found annoying. In spite of the few issues present I still highly recommend Umbra of Fate to any person looking to see what GZDoom could do.
  24. Denim Destroyer

    Atomic Tomb

    Atomic Tomb is a fun E1M1 replacement I highly recommend anyone looking for a short level with nonstop action and multiple routes that you can take.