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  1. I just finished the first day which is all the game has at the moment. Pretty much the same as Postal 2 with a few new things such as vehicles and the ability to stack crates. If you are a die hard Postal fan and can't wait for more content then get it now, otherwise wait a little while till more content is added.

    Also I found this:




  2. 1 hour ago, R4L said:

    Let me just say, hills or mountains are a pain in the ass to make! Using Eviternity, Celtic Shrine and Hexen assets along with the usual Metroid stuff.


    Personally I believe the best way to make terrain in Doom is to take advantage of the games blocky aesthetic. Making your rock faces jagged will not only lower your linedef count but will also prevent your terrain from looking out place in an almost three decade old game. If you want examples of good Doom terrain I would recommend checking out the later maps in Ancient Aliens first episode.

  3. Played through on UV and thought it was quite a challenge until I started finding secrets. The rocket launcher and minigun obliterate any challenge present, now I am not saying to remove them as I feel it is the only way to deal with all the hordes of enemies that will be revived by the Arch-Viles. Finding the secrets is not the most intuitive thing in this level due to the lack of any indication that a wall can be activated. Overall I enjoyed what you made especially, with the simple but gorgeous texture use.

  4. Just beat Ion Fury. Overall I say it's great and I recommend you play it if you are a fan of any Build Engine game. It does however suffer from a lack of unique weapons and the last few levels feel rather samey. The soundtrack has got to be one of my favorite parts through, it really fits the game.


  5. Played through on UV and get 100% kills and secrets. I like how the were multiple points of entry in a couple rooms and the use of elevation grab a few items like the chainsaw was a nice touch. The surprise Imp room next to the red key gave me a good jump but I feel the only way I survived was due to luck and not skill. I also feel the level would be better if you cut down on the monster count near the middle and gave the player less medkits. One thing that stuck out to me was your texturing and overall detailing, your use of textures was nice in the dark computer hallways around the middle of level. Some rooms are rather sparse when it comes to detailing, most notably the starting room and the bright cement1, however as you become more accustomed to whatever editor you use I imagine that problem will be fixed in future levels. One thing to keep in mind about detailing is having large rooms with flat walls and one texture rarely looks good, try to add depth to your walls by adding sunken in computer stations or support pillars.

    Overall I found the level fun to play and it kept me engaged throughout the whole thing.

  6. My favorite levels are ones that focus on free flowing combat and don't have hundred of monsters on a small or medium map. Another thing I noticed the more user levels I played, the more I tend to remember levels that are obviously supposed to represent a particular location. Either it be a research facility, ruined city, or ancient temple complex those are all more memorable to me than just wide open interconnected areas that seem to defy any form of logic.

  7. I don't believe I can finish my map in time, recently I had to build a new computer and lost some data I had backed up including all of my Akeldama map progress. This is also not helped by general lack of interest in mapping and Doom at the moment. I am willing to contribute in some other fashion if that is possible.

  8. I played on UV and found it to play fine, harder than I was expecting but still pretty fun. I would widen the doors at the beginning to avoid doorfighting with the shotgunners and pinkies. Also I would move the bridge monster teleporter line back some as I found it annoying to have a revenant teleport almost inside of me.

  9. Decided to post a status update as it has been sometime since my last one. I rework my initial level as it was too small for Map23 slot. 2/3 of the way done with the layout and getting the central room to work in Chocolate Doom has proven to be somewhat of a pain.3BK1ot6.jpg

  10. First:


    I played on UV and didn't have any issues with difficulty except for the chaingunners that pop up behind you and the archvile. The former is more cheap than difficult. Your use of the arch texture is pretty effective and I have to say for a first map it does look pretty good. Last thing, I would of prefered a different song for the map but I won't knock off points for having Running From Evil play.

  11. 12 minutes ago, kaleb. said:

    woo started a second thing ill also probably never finish.

    pretty much just practice trying to make not-too-square doom 2 styled shit

    Try lowering the tekgreen that's above the window so it isn't cutoff. It would be a small change but would make the scene look better.

  12. I played through on UV and found it fun, I like the "oh crap I need to move fast" moment you have at the beginning of the level. There are two issues I noticed. First is a Cacodemon that got stuck behind a computer and the second is the exit room. I was able to stay in the doorway and blast away the Cacos and Hell Knights using the Rocket Launcher with no danger to myself.