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  1. derplol3

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    Anytime there is a boss battle in a tight space like with a cyberdemon. Example being Necropolis on Hell on Earth starter pack. Another thing that gets me is also archviles infinitely reviving monsters (Previously mentioned)
  2. derplol3

    Any Mod That Easily Makes Monsters Infight?

    Thank you guys a lot! I really wanted something like this!
  3. Im looking for a mod where you can instantly make a monsters infight another monster. Ive always wanted a mod for this. Does anyone have a link for a download of it?
  4. derplol3

    What Do You Think is Better?

    I think im tilting towards hexen because people say the level designs are pretty nice, even though its a switch hunt.
  5. derplol3

    What Do You Think is Better?

    Ive been on the fence about Heretic and Hexen im wondering if anyone can help decide. Thanks for answering! (if you did)
  6. derplol3

    Plutonia Simulator

    Oh my. I see that the first level of Knee Deep in the Dead is now going to be extremely hard. Great idea!
  7. derplol3

    Specific Things in Doom that Amuse You Greatly

    In Doom 2 when I fight IOS and auto aim fucks me over and instead wants to shoot the caco under it.
  8. derplol3

    doom e1m1 EDIT

    Ah i see. Thanks for clearing that for me.
  9. derplol3

    doom e1m1 EDIT

    Not bad at all! I do like the the new starting room. For some reason when wads edit maps and give them new entrances, i really like it. Now the room with a bunch of doors disapointed me i really wanted more to it. But other than that, great job!
  10. derplol3

    Anyone Have a Fractal Doom Download?

    Thanks for the links!
  11. derplol3

    Why all the hate for The Chasm?

    I dont think i ever beat chasm. Its really annoying and I always skipped it :P.
  12. Yes, its a stupid question but i have tried the link to fractal doom download but i get a problem loading page. Please help.