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  1. ranhcase

    Which monster would you say is your least favorite?

    I can't decide between the Chaingunners and the PE, though i voted for the latter, either way, all monsters with the exception of maybe the Helll Knight, Arch-Vile, Mancubus and Arachnotrom i guess, are rather annoying, atleast the Chaingunner has a satisfying death animation though.
  2. ranhcase

    The CRPG Book released

    Sounds interesting, might take a look at that someday.
  3. ranhcase

    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfal thread

    True, i started playing the game, and althought it's actually pretty enjoyable, i can't go on playing for 20 minutes straight without looking for help on the internet, everything is so badly explained, just creating your character and character's class is already a shore, i spent at least two hours reading guides, wikis and the sort on atributes, skills and the like, and it's not like there's that much information on the internet anyways since the source code was never realeased and no one really knows (certainly at least) how most things work. The game's also incredibly buggy it seems, when i found out how race's bonuses points to atributes don't actually apply i sincerely laughed out load. It's not like everyone's first playthrought of Oblivion or Skyrim is questionless, but still, it's not anywhere as near as obscure as Daggerfall is. The game still seems to be pretty good though, don't get me wrong, lol
  4. ranhcase

    Map from one wad to another.

    Nevermind, i've figured it out lol
  5. ranhcase

    Map from one wad to another.

    I made a two wads, and i want to pick a map from one of them and put it at the other one, i'm using Slade 3 btw, can't use (GZ)Doom Builder.
  6. ranhcase

    What is your favorite sector light mode for GZDoom?

    Dark all the way, i never really liked the original lighting mode, it looks kinda ugly, i always use dark when i'm on GZDoom.
  7. ranhcase

    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfal thread

    Well, i might try again, as i did many times before, i've heard many good things about the game's universe and plot, so, if anything, i may try just for that.
  8. ranhcase

    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfal thread

    I never played it tbh, but if the gameplay is as horrendous as Morrowind's, and the levelling system as broken as it is on Oblivion, i don't think i will play it any time soon.
  9. ranhcase

    Post your alternate universes/settings.

    I made a fantasy universe myself (well, i thought of a few, but this is the one that actually got development), it's for a web novel i'm writing (is "web novel" even a actual term?), and it consists of two main dimensions (so far, there may be revealed to exist more, it depends on what happens at the end of the story arcs i have planned). One of the dimensions is a primordial one, where, basically, everything is originated from, called the Paradise, there the Elder Gods habit as the most high being on this plane (there are four of them), and minor creatures, though still incredible to us, exist below them. There are still other things to them, but The other dimension, named Mundus, is very much like earth at the time the book is set, which in nature is basically the medieval ages, though in the past, the world was completely lifeless, it was when a portal to the Paradise was open that it was created, and subsequent things, like humans themselves, death, chaos, destruction and other concepts, all of them bad in a sense, where unleashed on to Mundus everytime one portal was naturally oppened to the Paradise. When humans started to evolve themselves on Mundus, they eventually found traces of each portal opening and decided to replicate said opening, and after years of exploration, they managed to gather everything necessary to manually open one, and with said opening, a new "evil" was unleashed, Magic, which in this universe is the control of Mana (basically, a being "life force"), the way it works is actually pretty similar to Nen from Hunter x Hunter, where there are types Magic and such. The story of the novel itself is not about the world, and tells more of a closed tale, with characters, villains, twists and such. There's one chapter written already, though it's in my native language, and i would have to translate it, so i may do so latter, (and if anyone shows interest in it ofc.) This is the biggest post i've written on this forum and it isn't even about Doom lol
  10. ranhcase

    (Poll) Your favorite Doom source port?

    Glboom since it looks good and it's simple, also because i usually map for it, though i also like GZDoom a lot. If i played multiplayer i guess i would probably preffer Zandronum probably.
  11. ranhcase

    (GZ)Doom Builder Alternatives

    I actually tried to upgrade them and my graphics card stopped working, then i installed the drivers that come on the DVD that came with my Pc, and it started working again (the graphics card that is). And, i think the drivers i have now are pretty old already, there's also the fact i didn't find anywhere on the AMd site listing old versions of any driver.
  12. ranhcase

    (GZ)Doom Builder Alternatives

    Neither Gzdoom Builder and the original Doom Builder are working on my computer and apparently there's no solution to the problem so... What are the best alternatives for (GZ)Doom Builder? I really wanna get back into mapping.
  13. ranhcase

    (GZ)Doom Builder Alternatives

    Easier said than done lol
  14. ranhcase

    (GZ)Doom Builder Alternatives

    Yeah i'm sure, i've installed and reinstalled it a few times, i probably have some 3 or 4 copies of the installer and tried them all. I can try upgrading the drivers but i think they already are though.
  15. ranhcase

    (GZ)Doom Builder Alternatives

    by graphics adaptor you mean video card? if so it's a 'AMD Radeon R7 Graphics'.
  16. ranhcase

    (GZ)Doom Builder Alternatives

    Yup i do have it. Hope you can find a fix for it, thanks.
  17. ranhcase

    (GZ)Doom Builder Alternatives

    Hey, yes, i did get a crash file: [There was one line at the end of the log that was in portuguese (the language i use in my pc), but i managed to find the translation.]
  18. ranhcase

    (GZ)Doom Builder Alternatives

    Ye, did that already, both Doom Builder GZDB were working on my pc, then suddenly they stopped functioning, the problem would be the lack of SlimDX, but i already installed and reinstalled it many times over to no result.
  19. ranhcase

    (GZ)Doom Builder Alternatives

    Nop, Windows 7 is what i'm using.
  20. ranhcase

    (GZ)Doom Builder Alternatives

    thanks for that, though the problem i'm having is with all "Doom Builder's", so i don't think Doom Builder X is going to work, going to look at it anyway. Also going to look at this Slade 3 aswell. EDIT: as i expected, Doom Builder X didn't work either lol
  21. ranhcase

    What's your worst Rage Quit?

    The only "ragequit" i ever had was with Dark Souls, well, it was more like 6 ragequits, i tried playing it 5 or 6 times, and every single one of them i couldn't get past the second area or cenario, i only ever got as far as what i think it's a boss(but by the size of it, he wasn't very big, it might only have been a stronger enemy)but he killed me with a single hit, that was in my second try, the next ones i dindn't got as far. I don't play that game it has been years and i don't think i will ever play it again.
  22. I think it looks pretty much like him
  23. ranhcase

    The Castlevania netflix series.

    It's in anime style right? Then i'm surelly going to watch it!
  24. Man, i know Skyrim would be one, but i can't think of the others...maybe Doom 2 for the wads...Diablo II i guess...i don't know :/
  25. I play/watch/listen to something not for the person who made it but for the thing itself.