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  1. TESTED. Is an amazing yet extremely difficult mod.
  2. Every time I have changed the setting in the Doom3 cfg file it makes the screen even smaller (I have messed round with the set r_customWidth and height etc...) I have tried different resolution setting. My screen is 1366 X 768. Changing it on the setting in the game options doesn't do anything either. I want to have the game stretched to fit my whole screen.. Any help would be great thanks.
  3. Do I have to make a batch file? Surely there's another way to run it. It is still not running even as a batch file.
  4. There are three pk3 files for the Lost Levels,1 The main file, 2 the Music, 3 voice for the ending... Also all WADs are set to 'open with gzdoom' Am I meant to make a batch file? I'm a bit confused.. It keep loading as the standard psx Doom (I am drag and dropping them both onto the gzdoom application.. Not sure what I'm really meant to do here
  5. I have just download the pk3 file(s) for The Lost Levels and having trouble figuring out where to put them... It either loads the standard PSX TC or standard D2 or levels with all missing textures. Help to get this working would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Service pack 2 windows vista, business. 07 32-bit os RAM 2.00 gb Processor. 2.20 GHz. GZ Doom V. Latest version of GZ doom does the same lag. Also all WAD files can not be changed to open with gz doom.. have to drag n drop.
  7. Yes it is definitely enabled.
  8. I recently got given a hp vista laptop but Doom wads lag big time.. I've updated drivers and tweaked the computer for better performance but still lags. Also lags with Doom 3 anytime there's more than one enemy.. I have the settings on low, and my laptop has way more than D3 system requirements... Any ideas??
  9. Ok great it's working now. I take it it's incomplete wad? No monsters on later levels... Looks cool though
  10. Tried that before. Does not work, It loads both of the wads at the same time and so they over lap each other.. All my wads are set to open with GzDoom so there is no need to drag n drop.
  11. How do I load Back to Saturn x, episode 2 Tower in the Fountain of Sparks? One wad has all missing texstures and the other wad is D2 with faulty textures. I've read the instructions too... I'm using gzdoom.
  12. Ok so updated everything. Still not working. It does however show when loading in that box that opens after clicking on the wad something about" sound init failed" written in pink...
  13. No I don't, but it's never been a problem before. my pc is second hand and been in poor quility the whole time I have had it. It's always ran wads fine though.
  14. For some reason the music and sound has stopped working on every wad on my pc. I have tried multiple things such as placing different files in the main Doom directory and messing round between gz an zdoom but nothing works... I have had my pc crashing a few times lately. I also had not changed anything doom related. Any ideas??
  15. What is a quick and easy way to make any section of a wall be dragged out in a particular section without having the entire wall affected. Example.. There is a wall and I want to make the middle stick out in a square form. Similar thing goes for also a different texture in the middle of a wall. I remember it was easy to do on the old DB.