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  1. Hello,


    I tried to record a video of my freedoom game, using VLC, but it didn't work. On the video, all I could see was a black screen with the small window of gzdoom (you can see it on the screenshot below). Does anyone know how to do it properly, or can you suggest another software to do it (for Windows 10)? Thank you very much !


  2. Thank you very much Blastfrog for your long and detailed answer. English is not my mother tongue, but I think I've understood most of it. I'll keep practicing, anyway !

  3. Hello,

    I like the old music of Map 11, 12, 15, 22, 23, 25, 26 and 27.
    I suggest the future soundtrack of phase 2 as following :

    Map01 (Mogul)
    Map02 (old music of map 15)
    Map03 (Picklehammer)
    Map04 (Mogul)
    Map05 (old music of map 25)
    Map06 (Picklehammer)
    Map07 (Picklehammer)
    Map08 (Blueworrior)
    Map09 (halluc by Woolie)
    Map10 (Picklehammer)
    Map11 (old music)
    Map12 (old music)
    Map13 (Mogul)
    Map14 (Themistercat)
    Map15 (themistercat)
    Map16 (reflexion scrag by scragadelic)
    Map17 (Blueworrior)
    Map18 (Mogul)
    Map19 (usual music)
    Map20 (wastelandscavangers by sodaholic)
    Map21 (Mogul)
    Map22 (old music)
    Map23 (old music)
    Map24 (andrewb)
    Map25 (Musicfreedoom 11 by Mogul)
    Map26 (old music)
    Map27 (old music)
    Map28 (blueworrior)
    Map29 (Picklehammer)
    Map30 (Picklehammer)
    Map31/ending (wastedjamacan)
    Map32 (mellow)