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  1. Are you using PrBoom or PrBoom+? Also, for QZDoom and GZDoom, try running with "-glversion 3" as a command line argument. You might want to upgrade your video card in the future, as Zandronum will eventually adapt G/QZDoom's latest requirements. If both options fail, you could try running Q/GZDoom with vid_renderer 0 set, that'll put Q/GZDoom into Software Renderer mode.
  2. Hellser

    Why do you use the editors that you use?

    GZDoom Builder for mapping. I just find it useful to have, as well as its more advanced features. SLADE for lump management - I would use SLADE's map builder, but I'm too used to Doom Builder 2's way of handling things. I do use its map editor in a pinch when I need to quickly adjust something and I have SLADE up and running.
  3. Hellser

    Doom II Dark World

    We took into consideration of unskilled players attempting to try these maps. A recent play through of this mapset on a stream not made by anyone from the mapping team ended up with them dying quite a bit. But thanks for your feedback! I think we can adapt this information for a future version.
  4. Hellser

    Doom II Dark World

    Very glad to see this finally being released.
  5. Hellser

    DOS Source Ports?

    Ancient versions of ZDoom had a DOS execute. ZDOS v1.17c, made by Randi. It works, no music if I recall.
  6. Hellser


    If you export the sprites as PNG, SLADE will save the offsets into the PNG. The problem is, most graphic editing software erases that data when the sprite is saved again - making you have to redo the offsets. Hopefully you'll be fine. I saw your project, it looks awesome. I'll give it a try when you're done.
  7. Hellser

    I can't get Legacy to work, please help

    ZDL or ZDE? It would. As well as putting your IWAD into the source port's directory. But for those who don't want to use a frontend will want to either drag and drop or have fun making shortcuts.
  8. Hellser

    DOS Source Ports?

    Ancient versions of ZDoom had a DOS execute.
  9. Hellser


    Why are you using /Hires/ to replace sprites? You can replace the sprites directly by placing them (with the correct names) into the /Sprites/ folder. Only use the /Hires/ folder when you want to replace sprites that are of higher resolutions than the original sprite. Also, replacing the sprites directly allows you to fix any offset issues.
  10. Hellser

    Can't get monster sprites to show on Doom

    You might want to post an example of your wad for us to see what's wrong. If you're using a .WAD format, the sprites needs to be placed in between two markers; S_START and S_END. If you're making a compressed archive (.zip or .pk3) it'll need to be placed in the correct folder within the root directory of the archive file (example: /Sprites/Bonnie/). Also, check your offsets in your editor of choice.
  11. Hellser

    Your thoughts on TNT Evilution

    Relating to the original question; I found TNT to be quite fun. Though the maps made by Drake O'Brien is a total pain (MAP20/21/27). The first few levels for TNT is memorable for me - having played them quite a bit when I was younger. Challenge wise, it feels about on par with a slightly harder Doom II level. For the question from GarrettChan, MAP20/21/27. :P
  12. Hellser

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Someone was using the wrong wiki, not the right one as you linked there, Ed. :)
  13. That Core i5 3570k shouldn't be a slow down. People are still using the original Core i5s and i7s to this day with updated video cards with minimal bottlenecking. Is OP playing with mods or some sort of enhancer?
  14. Hellser

    Most favorite Level from Episode 1

    E1M8 is a Sandy and Tom Hall map. The rest of E1 is good ol' Romero.
  15. Hellser

    Most favorite Level from Episode 1

    E1M2 and E1M5 are my favorites. The entirety of E1 is amazing from start to finish.