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  1. Ol' Scratch

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    reminds me of the gauntlet from doom2, cool that you can walk past the box room from above.
  2. Ol' Scratch

    I'm getting bored with Doom. What do I do?

    Walks and bike rides! Even if it's just to the local coffee shop or library to read a book or sit and zone out. Nothing like getting out of the house to clear some headspace for video games. I live close to a creek I can jump into in the summertime, that is the cure for many types of boredom.
  3. Ol' Scratch

    [BETA RELEASE] large oldschool single wad

    Now Crispy compatible! Should not be broken by any particular set of play options (please let me know if you find an exception to this so I can fix it). Also all around spruced up, thanks to some fine suggestions and feedback from the community. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6B9k9j54oGvbjZfMDdTS01TNTg Please try it out and tell me what you think! I'd love some more feedback, particularly on difficulty and ammo placement, though all types are appreciated.
  4. Ol' Scratch

    [BETA RELEASE] large oldschool single wad

    Thanks! once again extremely valuable.
  5. Ol' Scratch

    Vertical Autoallign in Doom Builder?

    YES! This changes everything! If only I'd known about this a year ago...
  6. Ol' Scratch

    Vertical Autoallign in Doom Builder?

    Specifically, the issue I have is that I have some curved one-sided walls, all with the same texture, and I've "skyhacked" them all to have gradient ceiling heights. When I auto-align, it matches the textures horizontally, but I still wind up with the textures vertically misaligned, and it's a lot of toil to align by hand, particularly for outdoors textures (I usually have to change all the textures to something like MARBLE2, align vertically, then change back). When the floors are all the same I can get around this by lower-unpegging the linedefs, but in this case the floors are also all at different heights. Here's a screenshot:
  7. Is it possible to set Autoalign to also vertically match textures in Doom Builder? I can't find anything like that in the settings menu. I'm sorry if this has been asked already, I searched the forums for a while and didn't find this question.
  8. Ol' Scratch

    Exit Sign Abuse?

    I think it's the same joker that left a bunch of boxes of medical supplies sitting around. Fonze you just gave me and idea, I think I will patch together some sort of marker using existing textures (I'm doggedly sticking to only original textures on this map).
  9. Ol' Scratch

    Exit Sign Abuse?

    Now I do, thanks to a 30 minute youtube wormhole... I haven't played Doom1 in over 10 years, and I remembered virtually nothing. So many Cacoward winners I haven't even played yet, when will I have time to go back through the originals?
  10. Ol' Scratch

    Exit Sign Abuse?

    Yeah that might have been the case, I've been meaning to replay it soon so I'll pay more attention next time. I definitely saw signs and then proceeded to not beat the level on at least 2 occasions, but I can't rule out my own ineptitude. Xyzzy I hope that switch just triggers an ambush or something.
  11. Ol' Scratch

    Exit Sign Abuse?

    Is this anyone's pet peeve: You come across an exit sign, go where it indicates, and 5 rooms later you're still fighting with no end in sight? I noticed this in a few spots in Sun Lust and some other excellent wads I found here, and have now hit a spot mapping where I'd like to use that device myself. An exit sign would be the perfect little cue to go through this narrow little nook, but it's only about halfway through a pretty huge wad. Should I just go for it?
  12. Ol' Scratch

    [BETA RELEASE] large oldschool single wad

    Thanks! I really appreciate your time and comments. The key/switch issue is something I've been thinking about already, will stew on that some more and try to make it make more sense, this could entail some large fundamental changes. Yes, the barrels are designed to be walked over. If you made it to the barrels, that was basically the end- the barrels are my way of making sure you can't exit without first killing the spider demon (although it is just barely possible to get the immortality to last long enough to blow them up and exit quickly, which was unintentional but I think is cool enough to keep in), so you did essentially beat it. I had not considered infinite-height actors, so thanks for bringing this to my attention. One of my goals is to make the wad function regardless of options (jump, crouch), so I will rework the end to make sure it works with infinite height actors as well. I'll be working on everything else you mentioned, but I can't seem to find the red door near the mastermind- are you talking about the "gate" surrounding the teleporter in the rock cave by the slime waterfall? And I have one more question- other than the barrels at the end, did you ever feel stuck or frustratingly confused? Like the natural flow of the level led you into a cul-de-sac or loop? Also let me know if there's a way I can return the favor- do you map as well? I can't tell you how gratifying it is to receive real feedback from an experienced player.
  13. wow, thanks for putting the time in to figure that out! I think I can work around this now, just gotta make room for those barrels.
  14. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6B9k9j54oGvaHVKZm9UT215cG8 it's tag 107- works on most of the sectors it's tagged to, just not the sector nearest the switch (sector 2325). Tag 106, right next to it, also works in Zdoom but not in Crispy- I think that one might be a linedef proximity issue though, I've run into those before in old ports.
  15. Bauul Yeah, it's all tagged. Are you suggesting I tag the lines outlining the sector that's supposed to drop as well as the switch that has the effect? As is the switch has a tag and an action (floor lower to lowest), and the sector that is supposed to move has the same tag.