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  1. Small bug we found in MAP19 that renders the yellow skull useless.
  2. This wad is just brilliant!! I was so excited to read that there's a new update out <3. Me and a couple of others have been working on getting it compatible with ZDaemon. We're playing it tonight, so if you're interested in seeing the wad in a multiplayer setting; come join!
  3. UberGewei

    Vignettes of Deathmatch Release Candidate 1

    Hey Emzee, long time no see! These look great! Will see if they are compatible with ZD so we can run them for ZDS.
  4. Found something in MAP10, player starts 2, 3, 4 seem to be outside of the map?
  5. So proud of y'all and the end result! You did a great job at managing this project DK!
  6. UberGewei

    RAY MOHAWK 2 - Development Thread

    Yes correct, a few minor ones that are left; could perhaps fine tune it a bit more but I can't be bothered really, was quite the task already to make that area vanilla compatible haha (and there's not that much left of it either). Thanks for checking! @Peccatum Mihzamiz Thank you for the playthrough, noted down the feedback and applied it to the new revision! https://www.dropbox.com/s/qi8zuajxkb1tugf/mohawk2_map07a5.zip?dl=1
  7. UberGewei

    RAY MOHAWK 2 - Development Thread

    I've vanillified and tweaked my map today. Have given it a quick run through in Chocolate Doom and nothing amiss has jumped out. Also added a few items & monsters here and there but nothing final. I'm a bit disappointed with how some areas turned out, but it is what it is. Let me know how you find this latest revision. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ke4t90d0jkvdl05/mohawk2_map07a4.zip?dl=1
  8. UberGewei

    RAY MOHAWK 2 - Development Thread

    @Moustachio Thank you for taking your time to write up this detailed report, greatly appreciated. I definitely agree with you about the difficulty level. I found it too easy myself, but it's always a question of what other people think. I'll make improvements based upon your feedback (and DK's), it would be great if you could play it again afterwards. @Doomkid To be honest, I had completely missed that bit about the vanilla requirement. Don't ask me how haha.. but I did. All the pretty pictures in this thread must have caused too much distraction *hicc* (: But jokes aside - If I had known that I would have made the map with vanilla in mind, sorry. This is quite ironic as it was one of the things I tried safeguarding during the development of SIGIL. D'oh. Might take a couple of days but I'll get it Vanilla compatible! & @Moustachio thank you again!
  9. UberGewei

    RAY MOHAWK 2 - Development Thread

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/j2zgy5hnx7bbofj/mohawk2_map07a2.zip?dl=1 Here's a first version of my entry. I personally feel like it's too easy and there's a bit too much ammo/items around. But please let me know your thoughts :P Edit: second version, few minor improvements & more monsters added.
  10. UberGewei

    RAY MOHAWK 2 - Development Thread

    All your results look stunning! Not on Doomworld that often, almost missed the chance to make a level for this!
  11. Another very quick release... ZDaemon 1.10.19 is now available; ZDaemon Launcher users will be able to update by going to Help -> Check for Updates. The Linux and BSD ZServ binaries are available via the Downloads page. This version contains a critical fix; for the full run-down you'll want to check out the changelog. Please note: 1.10.19 servers will require all players to update to the latest version. The fixes: Transfer Sky Texture To Tagged Sector (272) now properly draws the sky. An erroneous SpawnID has now been removed for PlasmaBall1 and PlasmaBall2.
  12. UberGewei

    Odamex 10.2.0 - New Discord Server

    I double that! *whips out his switch*
  13. After a relatively short period ZDaemon 1.10.17 is now available; ZDaemon Launcher users will be able to update by going to Help -> Check for Updates. The Linux and BSD ZServ binaries are available via the Downloads page. This version contains several nice additions, improvements and fixes; there's also one particular reversion from 1.10.16; For the full run-down you'll want to check out the changelog. Please note: Similar to the last release, 1.10.17 servers will require all players to update to the latest version **; more information below. Some highlights: Extended node support; ZDBSP Compressed and Uncompressed ** Markers for demo playback added. (See changelog entry 3 under the 1.10.17 release for more information) "Demo Settings" area under "Customize Controls" has been added for all demo related key bindings. The WIP_NOAUTOFIRE fix from the previous release has been reversed. ** (See changelog entry 5 under the 1.10.17 release for more information) Characters of classic fonts increased, so e.g. all Cyrillic letters can be used now. Stalagmite thing (5050) has been formally added. *** Starting from this release, our DeHackEd Extensions page has been updated to include our own specific DeHackEd Supplement text documents. Some screenshots of Extended Nodes-type maps running on ZDaemon:
  14. Hello People! On the 20th of February 2001 ZDaemon 0.8 was released. This Saturday marks the 20th anniversary. Throughout this period great improvements and many additions have been made, but most of all... we're still here to provide the ultimate first person shooter experience, based on the original classic Doom (Heretic and Hexen) from id Software! A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped make ZDaemon what it is today. This applies to the current and former team members but also to the great player base. You guys are awesome. ZDaemon's past has not always been blue skies and clear sailing, but it is certainly a platform that has brought many people together and created many beautiful memories. We'll be celebrating in the unreleased version of ZDaemon City 2. Just like ZDS 666, there'll be a music bot playing through in-game Voice Chat and you'll be able to do song requests through Discord. Settings: Game Mode: Cooperactive IWAD: doom2.wad (or freedoom) PWADs: zdcity2_a5 zdsskinsv11 Wad url: Maps: 01 DMFLAGS: 17056772 / 1179722 / 0 Players: 64 + 12 spectator slots Skill: 3 Date: February 20th, 2021 Euro: 19:30 GMT / 1:30 pm CT US: 01:00 GMT / 7:00 pm CT
  15. ZDaemon 1.10.14 is now available (and will be automatically installed for you by the ZLauncher). You will find several nice fixes, additions and improvements; just check the changelog. The Linux and BSD zserv binaries are now available via the Downloads page. Some highlights: Implementation of DeHackEd weapon property 'Weaponslot ZD' and 'Weaponpriority ZD' New ACS function 'ZD_SetActorCameraHeight' Demo playback speed added, set speed with CVAR 'demo_speed' and commands 'demo_speedup', 'demo_speeddown', 'demo_speedreset'. Fix to avoid the ability to press "use" after death in online mode. Duel: Spectator view keeps spectating the same player when it switches from warm-up to game. A "spectate" command has now been added. and other various fixes and improvements And if you dont have ZDaemon installed yet, get the 2020-09-02 release: ZDaemon 1.10.14 here!