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  1. Mephisto's Mausoleum NM100S
  2. Evilution MAP08 Ultra-Violence Pacifist
  3. Some other Master Levels demos and one Pacifist demo of Evilution.
  4. Nice to see work getting Heretic into the DSDA :) For what is worth, some of the demos listed as Anonymous are actually from the htic-nm from Branimir H. Beric and Jeff Easthope (the text file shows which is from who).
  5. 3 demos more for the Master Levels Thank you!
  6. 1. I guess in 2011, my father lend me his laptop to play since I was not at home and he showed me Doom, I think I played a save of DOOM II on MAP05 on skill 3 or 4, I remember about playing until the exit of MAP06 and finishing with 2% of health. 2. 1.666 I think. 3. I used to play with keyboard, slow, taking cover and saving every time I could, I also used to waste too much ammunition so I ran out of it very quickly and I needed to use the fists. 4. I have nice memories about it, when I started playing Doom (I started with Doom I once I had it in my computer) it was a surprise every time a new monster came out, then I played Doom II, Heretic, Plutonia, Hexen and Evilution (in that order) and I also have good memories of passing those levels (sometimes thinking a specific level was impossible).
  7. Plutonia Nightmare! 100%S Movie
  8. The Fistula and Subterra from Master Levels for DOOM II in Nightmare! 100% S
  9. AV MAP14 -Respawn
  10. AV MAP13 NM
  11. AV MAP12 NM100%S
  12. Alien's Vendetta MAP11 NM100%S About the stx-Vile's demo, my goal really isn't a perfect demo talking about time, I just like to do hard tasks to do in normal speedruns in a way that it is nice to watch.
  13. That is great, some TAS Heretic would be good
  14. Plutonia Episode 1 Nightmare! 100 % Secrets in 8:02 (Beta version of the full run)
  15. Not record for Plutonia MAP01 in NM100%S EDIT: Question: I am trying to keep recording through the MAP02, but it quits before I enter to the map. I guess this is because I put -warp 1... Is there any way to fix this or should I make it again ?