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  1. Gato606

    The last Revenger

    This mapset had potential, large maps with different areas to look for your way around and battle a big amount on monsters (over 180 per map average), custom textures from diferent sources (some from Heretic/Hexen) gives you the feel of playing something different, also custom sounds for the monsters. But all those good intentions go wrong on the execution: it's very confusing to navigate all the maps, there are many doors textured as regular walls, that don't lead to a secret, many of the linedefs (buttons?) are not clearly displayed, most have wall textures (computer/machine) and they don't even make a sound to give you the hint you activated something, practically I had to use IDDT with all the maps and played on GZDoom which allows you to set a custom color to trigger linedefs/buttons/doors. There were many times I ended stuck on different sites, specially secrets, where you could go in, but once the door closes you can't get out. There were many doors that were 1 use only (once the door closes it won't open anymore) and you could get stuck without any othe possibility to advance in the map that recurring to the NOCLIP/IDCLIP cheat that will be your constant friend on this megawad. Map11 is just impossible in single player you get stuck in the first areas, no hints, even IDDT doesn't show anything to activate and like @NuMetalManiak said, map24 got a missing red key (I searched all around several times even using NOCLIP and nowhere to find, time to cheat, again). Some map geometry could use a bit more of refinement, doors are on the same line as walls and look kinda flat, there are also some HoM's around. So I give this megawad 2/5
  2. Gato606

    Stone Stratagems v1

    Average map set, not bad, but also not great. Nice the idea of stone texture inspired maps, gives the maps a theme. Very rough start with few ammo and weapons to fight several revenants, arachnotrons,hellknights even barons ^^; Minimalistic architecture with lots of squared room, a bit of misaligned textures. But overall, was fun to play, I give it a 3.5/5
  3. Gato606

    Alando Guns X

    It's a nice collection of monsters and guns, nice sprites and stuff (like the TERRAIN lump, dynamic lights), it's an eclectic mix of monsters and weapons from different games, a bit messy, yes, but still fun. Maybe it's a bit unbalanced on weapons/ammo, you might end with full ammo for a gun you haven't found yet. Some visual effects (specially barrels/mines explosions) overload the engine and make slow down your game. Another a bit annoying feature is the automatic reload of guns with no option of manual weapon reloading, you might ending facing a big monster when suddenly you have to wait till the gun is reloaded.
  4. Gato606


    Pretty troublesome megawad, hard to say positive points about it. To start, what is the need to put SS nazis in every map? It doesn't make much sense. There are two maps that are just a medium size square filled with very tall posts resembling giant trees, the maps are exactly the same in geometry and pickups, the only difference is the monsters put in them. Same happens with the 2 swamp levels, 2 same levels (filled with big trees and scorched trees) with different monsters that for some reason slow as hell the game (I played it on Delta Touch -GZDoom3.4.1- on an Asus smartphone) making them also impossible to play. Hard to enjoy megawad. Not to mention the errors on texture alignments Edit: Got stuck on the level with the "submarine" in a harbor with toxic water, there was a raising platform in it that was smaller than the Doomguy actor dimensions making it useless and only way to get out was the good "idclip" or enabling jumping. On the recreation of Quake1 E1M1, you can get stuck in the secret at the end of the beginning corridor with an useless raising platform way smaller than the Doomguy, again used "idclip"
  5. Gato606


    Nice megawad, it was fun to play. Nice new music included
  6. Gato606


    Not a very good megawad, is it possible to use secrets for regular map tasks? Also, some doors are textured with wall doors which leads to a lot of confussion, also, there are doors that close and never open again and you got stuck unless you use the help of the beloved IDCLIP
  7. Gato606


    Good, entertaining megawad, have some interesting maps and texturing. I agree that the map05 feels kinda uncomfortable pushed inside this collection of maps. There also a couple of maps that, for some reason, slow down my GZDoom running through Delta Touch on cellphone
  8. Gato606

    Project X

    Average megawad, levels ended very fast. Got stuck on some places, had to use IDCLIP
  9. Gato606

    Bloody steel

    I really enjoyed this pwad, it caught me the different atmosphere that create the lots of custom textures, giving it a Soviet industrial feel, played it with mod The Trailblazer
  10. Gato606

    Project Space

    It's a nice megawad, tho the "hub" levels become tiresome soon
  11. Gato606


    Horrible and unenjoyable, it's what I can say about this megawad. Does it really need to be archviles and cyberdemons in every corner and tight corridors, ambushing with nowhere to go? Yes, textures are very monotonous, and you got corridor after corridor with same floor/ceiling height. It's extremely annoying to hunt for that switch that will let you continue, and, surprise! They're hidden inside the walls without being secrets and no hints where to look for, even with ALLMAP cheat you get lost very easily
  12. Gato606

    Does anyone else find Doom 3 mediocre?

    You kidding right? I'm currently playing Doom3 and it's awesome, the ambience/horror atmosphere really catches me and sometimes make me jump scared, really well done, different pace from classic Doom, but I think it's a very cool different approach to the genre
  13. Gato606

    Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    Forgive my ignorance... but is this project a resource file with textures to create new maps from scratch? Not a mod that changes the look of Doom1/2 regular map textures to give it a Doom³ feel? Thank you.
  14. Gato606

    Doom with PBR materials

    Uhm.... sorry, but, is there a download link for the PBR materials for Doom?
  15. Thanks for the answer. Though, I have had bad experiences when compiling from source code in the past. From 6 program tries, 3 programs compiled successfuly. It's frustrating when you receive an error like recipe for compiling 'something.cpp' failed No idea what went wrong, very hard to look help for an specific error/topic like that, I'm no programmer, so I prefer to go for *.deb, or *.run installers, or at least adding a custom personal PPA like the TeamDRD one and install it from there. Thanks for the help anyway