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    It was very nice and entertaiment to play this megawad, the maps have a very nice design, it has a good effort for creating good quality maps, also visually is very interesting, it has its own set of textures that makes it look very futuristic, also custom sounds and music that fits with the setting and despite being done by various mappers, there is coherence between maps. Only thing I didn't like on this megawad: it gets tiring some levels with so many ambushes, like, we drop you in an closed room with many and powerful monsters, go help yourself... and it becomes really annoying on map24, which turns into a real slaughterfest.
    Very nice maps, nice design, spaces, many details in the geometry and elements that makes it look different to other megawads I've seen, interesting work on mixing the colorful textures. The only downside for me was the constant ambushes and slaughterfest setups, I think it looks like overdoing it, it would have been an enjoyable mapset without the constant ambushes and innecesary slaughter.
    Not bad for a minimalistic project with the challenge of very limited textures palette. The design and architecture looked nice. For some reason, the floor and sky texture didn't show properly for me when playing it on GZDoom with the HXRTC mod. It was enjoyable till the slaughterfest maps appear, I think that broke the balance the maps had on the starting maps.
    Cool wad to play, enjoyable, short maps with nice design. Really interesting use of Quake I textures. Sad it's a short mapset
    Nice megawad, really tough and challenging, I enjoyed a lot the futuristic textures and architecture on the "episodes" 1 and 5. Though, it was really frustrating the pistol start for episodes 2, 3 and 4, it's impossible to beat those episodes from pistol start. Overal, a nice megawad, with many details and design.
    The maps have nice design and the textures with glowing effects really caught my attention. Though, all the maps have always ambushes waiting for you, that got really tiring after some maps. Additionally, map30 is IMPOSSIBLE to play on GZDoom without the framerate dropping to 0 making in unplayable, even on ZDoom (without GL) it has to be played in vanilla mod, any mod loaded will slow down the hell of it.
    Horrible maps, even being slaughterfest, maps have many deffects and broken teleports, doors, switches, cards that can't be found, etc. Got stuck on several maps with no way out, no solution. I question if it was a good desicion to put hidden buttons inside torches? How you were suppossed to find them?
    Nice megawad, nice maps, overall it was nice to play it
  1. Thanks for posting this links. Sad the FTP server doesn't work anymore :-(
    Es un megawad interesante/desafiante, las elección de texturas tal vez no es la mas bonita, pero los mapas tienen un sólido diseño. Lo jugué con Complex Doom, por lo que los nazis se convirtieron en un gran dolor en el trasero. Me incomodó en ciertas partes que la puerta se cerraba y no podía dar marcha atrás, pero bueno, supongo que es mas una cuestión de gustos. Interesante haber puesto Led Zeppelin con Escalera al Cielo como música de uno de los niveles.
    Decent WAD, enjoyable, had a nice time playing it
    Maps are annoyingly difficult and even playing in "Hey Not Too Rough", one map starts with like 8 chainguners in front of you? Others start similar with shotgun zombies close to you. Not even to mention like map15 I guess, where you have to cross a very long corridor where the floor is lava (literally!) only 1 radiation suit in the middle, a couple of stimpacks and the corridor blocked by monsters going from Imps to revenants, pain elemental and arachnotron, and to complete, after you activate the switch at the end of the corridor you have to take all the way back, without another radiation suit or any other power-up (idbehold - r did it's debut there). Definitely not enjoyable, being unnecesary difficult, almost impossible.
  2. Heh, I noticed that review you wrote for CtE. I can freely admit that my attitude towards map balancing is lackadaisical at the best of times and with the rate I was making these they didn't all get the attention they needed. Still, it was a learning experience and I'd like to think that I've improved since I made it. Perhaps my latest release will impress you more. :)

    Too small maps are not my thing, things got pretty in congestion in so small rooms, and fun ends too soon. Got stuck on maps 18 and 19 had to cheat to move on. After depleting your cells killing the cyberdemon on map 22, you got another cyberdemon on map 23 and a spider mastermind on 25, maps don't look balanced in terms of monsters, ammo and weapon power.
    Overall, a nice megawad with nice and entertaining maps, nice design and architecture/geometry placing, it completes with the nice futuristic new textures that gives it nice future look and the feel you're on a different game and story