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  1. Gato606


    Can be valued a try to do a sequel to Plutonia, but the execution of this WAd in the long run makes it very tedious, absurd enemy count, chaingunners in every single corner and switch hunting makes it unbearable after you progress in the maps. Maps complexity goes wrong when you get lost most of the time, having to use the automap constantly or even using the help of GZDoom acvanced map features. Got so bored that I decided to play this WAD with Russian Overkill mod to have a bit of fun playing it.
  2. Gato606

    Quake 4 - Doom 3 GPL integration

    I was looking for a Quake 4 source port, thinking it would available since the idtech4 engine was realeased by Carmack as GPL, I didn't know Quake 4 engine was propietary of Raven which never released it. This project might help me about it, only doubt I have and very interested to know, if is it possible to compile it on a Raspberry Pi 4B running Ubuntu Mate Linux 21.10?
  3. Gato606

    Mano Laikas: A road to Gamzatti

    Really confusing maps, the geometry is very strange using lots of strange angles that H.P Lovecraft would feel honored (very closed wall angles under 30° not very aesthetic IMO and very strange names for the maps). The gameplay becomes kinda repetitive with lots of nukages with toxic slime and timing the duration of the radsuits. Traps got really tiring with always having the monsters in front of you but they have monster-only teleport lines that place them right behind you where you don't expect them. And archviles are the other pain in the butt, having 1 or even 3 archviles in every map. Also, having an excess of rocket ammo instead of cells turns into tiring rocket to rocket fights against the cyberdemons. Stopped at map 26 playing with Zion v7 mod.
    This IS NOT your regular Doom 2 magawad mapset. Maps are small and very few monsters. The big difference is every map was created with a theme or challenge in mind, usually puzzle like, like using archvile jump in order to get over high steps or obstacles. Even though I didn't enjoy it much, I recognize the effort put on it
    Awful megawad, lots of big areas with no interesting design or texture design, many lowering or going up platforms, awful monster placement, dropping chaingunners and hellknights at you even on map01 with very few ammo. No monsters with "deaf" flags, you just have to lower a platform, make a shot and wait for all the monsters to come at you to shoot them down one by one at the bottom of the platform. Secrets are ridiculous, not enough clues to find and if you find one is only to be ambushed by monsters only for a couple of shotgun shells. Monsters hidden under transparent wall/wood textures, they can see you, you can't and when you realize where they are, they've already shot you down. 2 stars for the effort of doing 30 long maps. Edit: as a regular rule in Doom mapping, locked doors should give a hint which color key is needed to open them. In this wad I only saw 1 map doing that, all the other maps didn't have any clue for the locked doors making navigation really painfull
  4. Gato606


    Nice collection of maps. textures are ok. Starting maps are small with few monsters, but it's a bit challenging cause of low ammo on them. Difficult increases as you progress in the maps, challenging you to be aware for a good number of ambushes when picking up goodies. MAP26 - Fear is insane with the big load of monsters and last MAP30 is very hard with lost of monsters ambushing you. Overall, entertaining WAD
    It's a nice an entertaining megawad, interesting geometry and textures are well placed for a wad made back in the 90s. Plenty of ammo helps you always have enough gun power against monsters. Good job with the custom HUD, the MapInfo and custom textures. Tho, I had hard time finding the secrets, some have clues to find them but most don't, they're after walls with the same texture without a hint. MAP23 - Spaceswitch, was a pain in the butt, with all the switch traps and no hints to guess which was the right switch. The 2 levels with Icon of Sight fights are a bit confusing, not knowing the typical shoot at the Boss Brain is really a trigger switch, also the MAP30 with the triple Boss Brain cube spawners get quickly cramped leaving with few room to move while you wait for the thin platform to raise and for some reason, after beating that level, instead of the ending screen with the monsters character roll, it replays the same MAP30 on ZDoom
  5. Gato606

    Heroes 2

    Overall, is kinda fun megawad, but the switch hunt on some maps just tends to make you lose patience from time to time. The sounds replacements are not terrible, but also don't apport much to make the gameplay feel different.
  6. Gato606

    Pizza Steve

    Kind of WAD with hundreds of monsters, many of them attaking you at once, like the typical slaughterfest. Best to play with OP mods like Russian Overkill to counter the huge monster power arsenal
  7. Gato606


    Nice megawad, relatively small maps with small monster counts, nice texturing, overall entertaining
  8. Gato606

    The SpawnSQwad 2000

    At some point I thought "is this a jokewad"? Cause you enter a map and just in front of you you have the exit button, just like that. Some maps have some decent design, but the choice of monsters might not be the best, and nazis, why the need to put nazis on several maps? Maps with 0 monsters, 0 secrets, just a freely exposed Romero head spawning monsters, a couple of maps are just you at the beggining in front of the Romero head, other maps are like "hey grab whatever weapons and ammo you can before Romero spots you".
  9. Gato606

    Doom Core

    Nice WAD overall
  10. Gato606


    Nice enjoying megawad, design is consistent and decent with no big ambition. Short megawad with 21 maps which are kina small but entertaining, ammo and monsters are balanced, texture placement is ok.
  11. Gato606


    Gotta take in count the effort put on doing this Just one big let down... why, why the hell Tails is an enemy?? :-(
  12. Gato606

    theSpawnSQwads [Final Cut]

    I wasn't sure if this was a jokewad, cause beggining maps are kinda decent with different monsters, giving some challenge. Some maps have some decent design, one with nazis, but really, you start a map with a cyberdemon just in front in you? Then you find maps with 0 monsters, 0 secrets,maps where is just you at the beggining in front of the Romero head, and lots of ammo around