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  1. Gato606


    Nice megawad, relatively small maps with small monster counts, nice texturing, overall entertaining
  2. Gato606

    The SpawnSQwad 2000

    At some point I thought "is this a jokewad"? Cause you enter a map and just in front of you you have the exit button, just like that. Some maps have some decent design, but the choice of monsters might not be the best, and nazis, why the need to put nazis on several maps? Maps with 0 monsters, 0 secrets, just a freely exposed Romero head spawning monsters, a couple of maps are just you at the beggining in front of the Romero head, other maps are like "hey grab whatever weapons and ammo you can before Romero spots you".
  3. Gato606

    Doom Core

    Nice WAD overall
  4. Gato606


    Nice enjoying megawad, design is consistent and decent with no big ambition. Short megawad with 21 maps which are kina small but entertaining, ammo and monsters are balanced, texture placement is ok.
  5. Gato606


    Gotta take in count the effort put on doing this Just one big let down... why, why the hell Tails is an enemy?? :-(
  6. Gato606

    theSpawnSQwads [Final Cut]

    I wasn't sure if this was a jokewad, cause beggining maps are kinda decent with different monsters, giving some challenge. Some maps have some decent design, one with nazis, but really, you start a map with a cyberdemon just in front in you? Then you find maps with 0 monsters, 0 secrets,maps where is just you at the beggining in front of the Romero head, and lots of ammo around
  7. Gato606

    The Rebirth

    It's an enjoyable and decent megawad, nice texture placement, nice level design overall. My only complain would be a little couple of secrets doesn't have clear hints to find them
  8. Gato606

    The TechWars

    Not a bad megawad, but the design is not very elaborated, a bit tedious to go for a corridor, door after door, expecting a monster to suddenly jump, a couple secrets didn't have any hint about how to find them, had to go all the map trying every wall. I couldn't understand how the insanity rifle work, LOL (played with ├ćons of Death 6.66)
  9. Gato606

    The NEW DOOM v1.0

    For the love of God! This is horrible! In a very bad way!
  10. Gato606


    Interesting and enjoyable megawad, nice story with custom screen scrollers too
  11. Gato606

    Realm of Chaos

    Nice megawad, was fun to play
  12. Gato606

    Scientist 2

    It's visually an interested megawad, the map design is also nice, nice story and custom texture, challenging megawad, played with Complex Doom
  13. Gato606


    Very regular map set, very chaotic maps, where it's very difficult and confusing to find your way around, you may get stuck in some places with no other option that use the good old idclip.
  14. Hello, thanks for the follow ^_^

  15. Gato606

    The last Revenger

    This mapset had potential, large maps with different areas to look for your way around and battle a big amount on monsters (over 180 per map average), custom textures from diferent sources (some from Heretic/Hexen) gives you the feel of playing something different, also custom sounds for the monsters. But all those good intentions go wrong on the execution: it's very confusing to navigate all the maps, there are many doors textured as regular walls, that don't lead to a secret, many of the linedefs (buttons?) are not clearly displayed, most have wall textures (computer/machine) and they don't even make a sound to give you the hint you activated something, practically I had to use IDDT with all the maps and played on GZDoom which allows you to set a custom color to trigger linedefs/buttons/doors. There were many times I ended stuck on different sites, specially secrets, where you could go in, but once the door closes you can't get out. There were many doors that were 1 use only (once the door closes it won't open anymore) and you could get stuck without any othe possibility to advance in the map that recurring to the NOCLIP/IDCLIP cheat that will be your constant friend on this megawad. Map11 is just impossible in single player you get stuck in the first areas, no hints, even IDDT doesn't show anything to activate and like @NuMetalManiak said, map24 got a missing red key (I searched all around several times even using NOCLIP and nowhere to find, time to cheat, again). Some map geometry could use a bit more of refinement, doors are on the same line as walls and look kinda flat, there are also some HoM's around. So I give this megawad 2/5