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  1. Gato606

    Khorus' Speedy Shit

    0/5 stars if it were possible, the title of this megawad honors the horrible and boring/annoying this wad is. Simply a wad for masochist people, abandoned after map09, never enjoyed it.
  2. Gato606

    How did you come up with your username?

    Using Gato303 on many of my artwork sites. Comes from "Cat" in spanish, I love cats When talking about Doom or Quake I changed for Gato606 6 for the number of the beast, and 606, cause 666 is too mainstream XD
  3. Gato606


    It was a nice enjoyable megawad, entertaining gameplay, played with msx project. It was disappointing the last 2 levels, going through a maze of tiny vents in pitch black, cheated with the infrared powerup giver.
  4. Gato606

    Doom 2 Reloaded

    Overall, a nice and enjoyable megawad
  5. Gato606

    Doom with PBR materials

    Sounds cool. Is it similar to when working on 3D texturing when using "procedural textures" vs image textures?
  6. Gato606

    My custom weapons won't appear in-game

    I think the point is not precisely to add a "Spawn sprite", you can use and reuse sprites whenever you want even with one sprite you can simulate the weapon recoil with "Offset(x,y)". The point is to add a "Spawn State" usually needed for a gun to work. I suggest you to use https://zdoom.org/wiki/Creating_new_weapons the ZDoom Wiki is very helpful, I'm constantly reading their reference content ;)
  7. Gato606

    Illuminatus v1.0.0

    Really interesting megawad from Aquarius199, I enjoyed to play it using weapon mod "DudeThe4th" and playing on Doom Touch on cellphone. It was entertainig that the maps are non-linear and very focused on exploration, you got to check every corner to realize what changed after you activated a switch, can be a bit repetitive, but I like exploration. The architecture and design, I find it very nice, specially focusing on a tech-like design which is my favorite theme, there was also some interesting puzzles around. The only downside was I found too many ammo on HMP, I found several times shooting pointlessly just to pickup more ammo. It was kinda annoying the area on "Six elements" level where you had to deal with a toxic floor and a number of radiation suits and monsters breathing on your neck, lol. Also, I am not sure if it was a good desicion to put archviles by pairs on the last 3-4 maps and two cyberdemons when dealing with the Icon of Sin ^^;
  8. Gato606

    HELL in HELL!

    Nice megawad, didn't notice it was from 1996, looks nice tho, nice map design, architecture and textures. The only thing that really annoyed me was the switches puzzles on map30 and I couldn't finish that map, I shot everything I had to the "Reactor" (nice way to replace the Icon of Sin), but nothing happened (I played this megawad with ├ćons of Death 6.66) it looked like the "Icon of Sin" Reactor was closed/blocked by a wall, I had to use noclip to defeat the Icon of Sin
  9. Gato606

    My custom weapons won't appear in-game

    I think you should tell the game your Player is going to use that gun. I've used different methods from assigning them to the DoomPlayer Actor, to assigning them on MapInfo/GameInfo lumps... but the method that usually works to me is to define the weapon slot on a KeyConf file adding some lines like i.e: weaponsection "HunterRifle" addslotdefault 3 HuntingRifle I've attached an example custom gun, taken from Realm667, hope that might help you SPAS-12.wad.zip
    It was very nice and entertaiment to play this megawad, the maps have a very nice design, it has a good effort for creating good quality maps, also visually is very interesting, it has its own set of textures that makes it look very futuristic, also custom sounds and music that fits with the setting and despite being done by various mappers, there is coherence between maps. Only thing I didn't like on this megawad: it gets tiring some levels with so many ambushes, like, we drop you in an closed room with many and powerful monsters, go help yourself... and it becomes really annoying on map24, which turns into a real slaughterfest.
  10. Gato606

    Ancient Aliens

    Very nice maps, nice design, spaces, many details in the geometry and elements that makes it look different to other megawads I've seen, interesting work on mixing the colorful textures. The only downside for me was the constant ambushes and slaughterfest setups, I think it looks like overdoing it, it would have been an enjoyable mapset without the constant ambushes and innecesary slaughter.
  11. Gato606

    50 Shades of Graytall

    Not bad for a minimalistic project with the challenge of very limited textures palette. The design and architecture looked nice. For some reason, the floor and sky texture didn't show properly for me when playing it on GZDoom with the HXRTC mod. It was enjoyable till the slaughterfest maps appear, I think that broke the balance the maps had on the starting maps.
  12. Gato606

    The Darkening

    Cool wad to play, enjoyable, short maps with nice design. Really interesting use of Quake I textures. Sad it's a short mapset
  13. Gato606


    Nice megawad, really tough and challenging, I enjoyed a lot the futuristic textures and architecture on the "episodes" 1 and 5. Though, it was really frustrating the pistol start for episodes 2, 3 and 4, it's impossible to beat those episodes from pistol start. Overal, a nice megawad, with many details and design.
  14. Gato606


    The maps have nice design and the textures with glowing effects really caught my attention. Though, all the maps have always ambushes waiting for you, that got really tiring after some maps. Additionally, map30 is IMPOSSIBLE to play on GZDoom without the framerate dropping to 0 making in unplayable, even on ZDoom (without GL) it has to be played in vanilla mod, any mod loaded will slow down the hell of it.