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    Not bad, but too small confined maps, not much area to explore or have bigger fights, would have been nicer if levels were a bit biger
  1. ESP

    Maps have some decent design and textures. But definitely the description should say "very hard maps", the level of difficulty is just ridiculous, if having thousands of monsters on a single level wasn't enough, you have to solve extremely hard puzzles to open doors and stuff, and some of them just doesn't work. Definitely had to cheat on the frist level, is just impossible to beat it from pistol start.
    It's a nice idea, nice achievements in getting "re-tuned" old maps, texture placements look nice. Overal maps are nice. But I really felt very akward with the last 3 maps, over 300 monsters on map28 and 29? And the map30 is a huge big mess of gameplay, had to cheat to be able to beat that map.
    I have mixed emotions on this megaWAD, it has its moments, sometimes interesting, sometimes not very interesting. Was kind of fun to play
    Some levels are decent, others are poor, others are too long and excessively filled innecesarily with too many loads of monster, there are a couple of "broken levels" I have to use cheats to complete, like level 25 (?) there was no blue key at all, plus you are locked with a door that doesn't let you go back to check where the hell is the blue key
    Regular maps. Some of them are not interesting at all
  2. Never mind.... I found it on the Ubuntu Linux software repositories, I already isntalled from there
  3. No ACC for Linux?? Boy.... that's sad... (I have had many trouble compiling stuff from source code, so a prebuilt version would be better for me)
    Was kind of interesting story, but the sprite replacement for the monsters definitely don't help, and the sounds are worse
    Awful maps, you start any map and suddenly you're swarmed by several powerful monsters, and few monster count makes the fun ends soon, there is no map development, you can actually find the exit to a map and finish it even without exploring all the areas of the map. Also it's a joke the invulnerability spheres at the end of the levels
    Some maps are frustrating like The Crusher, and it's just impossible the part you have to face like 10 revenants and you can't hide behind or you will be crushed. Also, annoying ammount of archviles
    It was a nice wad, entertaiment to play, nice custom graphics, though I had to fix the offsets for the replacement of the Lost Soul to make it look better and there were many HOM's, overall it's a nice wad. For some reason, it didn't let me out of the last map of the episode 4, had to use IDCLIP to finish it
    Horrible WAD, really bored with the many mazes found in the levels, stopped playing in level 17. Also, which mapper in its own judgement set the way out of a map as secrets?? It would have been a decent WAD without the annoying overload of mazes and puzzles
    Nice WAD, except for the last level
    Nice megaWAD. No Icon of Sin at the end... good, I never liked the Icon of Sin XD XD XD