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  1. 31 demos this week.
  2. 34 demos this week. Grazza: Fixed. Thanks!
  3. 48 demos this week.
  4. 63 demos this week. All fixed since last update. Thanks!
  5. 32 demos this week. All fixed since last update. Thanks!
  6. 77 demos this week. Xeriphas: I don't know that I ever had a concrete reason for not labeling those TAS. Perhaps it's because the method was never clearly established or that the affected demos weren't all clearly labeled. If someone wants to put together a list of which ones were determined to be cheated I can tag them. All fixed since last update. Thanks!
  7. 63 demos this week. 4shock: Not missed; ignored. I refuse to post a demo of a level that is nothing more than a nine minute lift ride.
  8. 46 demos this week. dew: Updated.
  9. 36 demos this week. GarrettChan: I add demos throughout the week, then run an update on Sunday. Multiple demos for the same record aren't that big of a deal. However, you should refrain from editing improved demos into old posts, because I won't see them if I've already viewed that post. As for the mislabeled demo, the text file shows it as Tyson; the same is true for your MAP06 demo. I'll catch many of these errors, but not all of them. ZeroMaster: Fixed. Thanks!
  10. 30 demos this week. Memfis: Consistency is good. Fixed. Thanks!
  11. 75 demos this week. vdgg: Fixed. Thanks! rdwpa: Updated.
  12. 34 demos this week. All fixed or added since last update. FYI, I'm not going to keep posting new versions of freedoom, because they're never going to stop coming and we already have three versions with only a handful of demos between them. So, from now on all new demos need to be compatible with v0.11 in order to be posted. Or, better yet, stick to WADs that are finished.
  13. I ignored them. Why? Well, the current release probably won't be the final one, though I can't say for sure because there's not even a text file for it, nor can I find where it was originally posted. Also, the original chillax has been a gigantic clusterfuck because people insist on using PRBoom to play a ZDoom WAD and I have no interest in continuing that trend with a sequel. rdwpa: Heh, I'm the only DSDA bot. :-)
  14. 72 demos this week. V1per: Added.
  15. 45 demos this week. All fixed since last update.