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  1. 95 demos this week.
  2. 79 demos this week. Lingyan: It's always advisable to post a link to the WAD if it isn't on idgames, the DSDA or otherwise easy to find. RjY: Fixed. Thanks!
  3. 79 demos this week. kmc: Fixed. Thanks!
  4. 62 demos this week.
  5. 152 demos this week. SAV88 & Player177: All fixed. Thanks!
  6. 67 demos this week.
  7. 46 demos this week. kmc: Fixed. Thanks!
  8. 62 demos this week. Garrett: Your efforts to follow standards are appreciated. :-) rdwpa: Fixed. Thanks!
  9. 87 demos this week.
  10. 35 demos this week. SAV88: Fixed. Thanks!
  11. 34 demos this week. Ancalagon & A7MAD: Fixed. Thanks!
  12. 45 demos this week, and now over 3,000 WADs! Keyboard: 01fava demo and nmdu tables fixed. Thanks! Garrett: What do you mean? It's tagged as Co-Op; the CN designation just displaces the CO one. You can test this by disabling Co-Op demos on the 'Settings' page; it should disappear. However, Co-Op demos aren't segregated, so it's right where it's supposed to be. Regarding removing demos, I very rarely do this, as in cases like rehelek's last request where the demo serves no real purpose, historical or otherwise (or for compatiblity; see below). Merging I do on my own sometimes, such as when there are several improvements in quick (as in days) succession. I'm with pretty much everyone else in disliking the current trend of merging improvements with demos that are weeks or months old. That isn't going to continue. Regarding multiple WAD versions, this is the curse that just keeps getting worse. I know in the past a WAD could have several releases, so it's possible the only thing that's really changed is the number of demos and how quickly players pick up new WADs for recording, but I'd wager it's actually becoming far more common. Nowadays, I'm far more likely to delete a few demos rather than add a second version of a WAD that's only been out for a week and which will probably have yet another version in the future. Trying to keep up with all the revisions is a futile endeavor, so I just wait until it becomes an issue for the DSDA, then handle it, either by splitting the versions or updating the current version and removing an old demo or two. Maybe the next DSDA iteration can use some sort of script to check for updates to idgames WADs to stay ahead of the curve, but for now, if there're no demos for a WAD, there's no need for it to be hosted. Like the name says, the DSDA is a demo archive, not a WAD archive. I know this can cause confusion, but I think the issue with nmdu, a WAD with over a hundred demos and compatibility issues that sat unnoticed for at least six years, is a good indicator that the problem isn't as bad as it might sound. Even keeping the WADs current and labeled doesn't prevent an old version from being used to record new demos, though it's uncommon, thankfully.
  13. 60 demos this week.
  14. 49 demos this week. rehelek: Removed.
  15. 49 demos this week. vdgg: It's still there, I just renamed it.