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  1. Not sure how I ended up with that setting, after playing around with the options I made sure to reset them to the default. All I did then was change the scaled option under video mode to 1280x800 from scaled(nearest) since that helped with the FPS the most. Oh and I switched the texture filtering to none(trilinear). Now I'm wondering, if I got better FPS by disabling the renderbuffers before changing the scalefactor, should I keep them disabled? I turned them back on to test if it was just the scalefactor.
  2. Been using GZDoom 3.2.5 now for a while and already played around with the settings, but no matter what I do, it seems the FPS drop from about ~90 down to 30 at times, and that's just playing Doom 64: Retribution. I understand that Skulldash as an example brings down my FPS, seeing as it's a rather huge wad, but the levels in Doom 64: Retribution aren't that large. So far the biggest performance gain I found was setting the scaling to 1280x800 instead of "upscaled(nearest)", which basically put my fps from ~60 to ~200(when not moving) at times. I don't have MSAA or such turned on so I don't know what else would be a "huge" performance hit, already played around with shadowmap size or texture format and filtering to no avail. If it helps any, here's my GZDoom config(stripped the unrelevant stuff): And my system specifications: CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X4 460 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870 RAM: 4GB I know that the AMD card is a legacy one and the driver is outdated, but seeing as I do get over ~60fps at times, I think it's propably just some option that brings down my fps once I see some action. Edit: Uhm, this is weird now. I googled before posting and found an older thread, where "gl_renderbuffers" was mentioned, but the guy said all that did was turn the screen black for him. However setting that option to false instead of true seems to do the job for me, atleast in my quick test I had ~200fps and drops to ~130fps, which I can totally live with.
  3. Seeing as most people have a lot of RAM nowadays, I'd say go for fewer large models or better, just make "one" model and place that in your map, if we're talking about static models. That way you can reduce the amount of stuff that needs to be loaded from the HDD into RAM, which might decrease load times, though nowadays propably not as much as back in the day.
  4. I tried to hide behind the shelves and then peak around the corner, that seemed to work. I don't remember at which skill I played though, propably hurt me plenty.
  5. The halls with the crazy echoing going on first got me confused a bit, since I thought something's wrong with my PC, but then I realized that's exactly what a lovecraftian themed .wad needs. And I had some problems in the library with the mages, but I figured I could just hide around the book shelves. Didn't record a demo, but I might replay this if you release it one day.
  6. Figured it'd be nice to explain why I didn't send in any stuff, but basically it boils down to the death of my father in june last year(apparently I didn't already wrote this here, thought I did), which put me into a deep hole that I'm just starting to get out of. And I found out I'm not good at recycling things, as I tend to block myself from changing too much since I want to keep the original as untouched as possible, which is in my case pretty hard since I chose the wrong wad to start with.
  7. FML... my cat has fleas.


    Why do they even exist? I mean sure, I serve not much purpose as well but still, they're just annoying.

    Let's just hope this spot on product we got is working, we also got some flea powder and I'm brushing her several times a day(got 9 fleas today :|).


    The only positive side about them is that I clean my flat more often than I used to...


    And if all else falls, we could still take her to my mother's place and I read about some smoke bombs that are supposed to kill most if not all fleas.


    Oh and of course I bought the wrong kind of flea collar, since it's still a young kitten, let's hope I can return it since it didn't say anything about that on the outside of the package(how am I supposed to know that then?).

  8. So a week ago my brother and me got a little kitten... Goodbye free time.


    The other day she posted on facebook 30 comments or so just by walking over the keyboard...


    But it's okay, looking at how cute she can be when she's sleeping is definetely worth it.


    Even nicer would've been if she would be okay with my mom's cat, since my mom needs to move into a smaller flat after my dad passed away anyways. And my mom's cat is already 11 years old and wasn't the most social to begin with, however she accepted a male cat after some time. Sadly the male cat got a tumor and didn't made it.


    Somehow I have to get my brother into getting a second cat though, even though I'm not sure if she's just a bit crazy because she's only 3 months old and hasn't been sterilized yet. Guess I'll wait a month or two and see how it goes. 

    1. torekk
    2. Rosh Fragger

      Rosh Fragger

      Aww! <3


      I had kinda same looking kitten a few years ago. They're like a family member :) Now I have a white colored one.

    3. Walter confetti
    4. torekk


      And I just found out that the name, Mia, that she got from her former owner, comes from Maria which comes from Mirjam. Mirjam means rebellion and Mia means loved one, hm... explains a few things. :D

    5. Phade102


      I apologise Torekk but i'm going to have to contact Linguica to ban you. that level of cuteness is just not allowed on doomworld.

    6. grouchbag

      My mom used to have a similar looking cat more than 35 yrs ago, named Sylvia-Maxine.I remember her well, very good cat but she hated stockings.She destroyed lots of them.But we loved her anyway.

      Your kitten is so cute and sweet looking. :D

    7. CzechMate29200


      I shit you not I have 10 cats at my house, they are all very interesting creatures... :)

  9. Oh god. It all started with the 14 day trial of World of Warcraft where I signed up for a test account at my friend's place. I always liked Turok as a kid and so we tried Turok, but it was already taken. He told me there's an NPC called Turak, so we tried that, didn't work. We ended up with Torek, which worked. The second k came some time after, when at some site a user named Torek was already existing and I couldn't be arsed to think of anything new. And before sticking to this nickname since 2008 or so, I also went by the name KampfKater, so the 2 k's kinda remind me of that. Fun fact: There are 14 player characters in WoW called Torekk, none of them belongs to me. I never played further than the 14 day trial and private servers.
  10. If your harddrive is failing, but you manage to access it, COPY EVERYTHING WHILE YOU CAN.


    Currently I'm upgrading my brothers PC and he had an old IDE drive, which Windows refused to recognize after putting a new HDD in the PC and installing Windows on there. 


    Anyways after a bit trial and error, I managed to get it to recognize this morning and thought it'd still work when I turn off the PC. So I come home later and turn on the PC, just to find out Windows didn't recognize the drive. After a few reboots, it did recognize the drive, but it told it's like ~2300TB, while the actual space of the drive is 250GB.


    I almost started flipping my shit since there were photos of my brother's children and such that I'm unsure if he has backed up on his own, but after another few rounds of trial and error I went to replace the CMOS battery, which somehow did the trick.

    1. Pavera


      So were you able to recover the files?

    2. torekk


      Yeah, backed up everything the second the drive got recognized again.

    3. KVELLER


      You guys should be used to always backup your files, specially if you're going to mess around with Windows.

  11. I expected more historical stuff and less modern nonsense. Also the animus looked more like glados than like the animus from the game. No idea why they went with that. But in the end I can kind of understand it, it's hard to turn a videogame into a movie.
  12. Growing some tomatoe plants on my balcony sure is a nice experience.




    There's been growing some shrooms in one pot and I first thought I had fucked up something, but nope, that's just some inkcaps, which in theory I could make ink out of.




    However I actually don't even like tomatoes, atleast unprocessed ones, because I'm allergic to the acid in them. But my brother likes them and actually was the one who got me into doing it, since he bought the saplings.

  13. When it comes to GB, the lavender town theme will be stuck in my head FOREVER. But then I was also scared of the theme music of X-Files as a kid, that may have to do with it.
  14. I think Duke Nukem: Time to Kill was even the first shooter I played on the PS1, good times, splitscreen multiplayer with my brother or sister.
  15. Skaven aka Peter Hajba is a chiptune god... I wonder how people must've loved this back in the day.