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  1. torekk

    Any good UAC PDA wallpaper?

    I got bored and had some copy paste fun in paint.net:
  2. The other day I found this: https://iamsparky.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/doom64/ I really like how the guy even tells how he did it, kind-of.
  3. torekk

    Forum Update?

    !important everything? As an example: .ipsSpoiler, .ipsStyle_spoiler { background: !important #222; } .ipsSpoiler_header { background: !important #111; } should turn the spoiler grey, atleast changing those values works in the FF dev tools(and makes the spoiler background grey). Not sure if !important is even needed. And usually you can set certain styles for certain classes, e.g. .ipsSpoiler > p would only affect any <p> inside a tag with the ".ipsSpoiler" class. Also sorry if you knew this already, just trying to help.
  4. torekk

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    Lost souls, because one usually goes somewhere else and then follows you around, just to surprise you when you don't need it. Basically the same goes for archviles as well, but usually because the mapper thought "hey, here have an archvile, lol". Now the worst I could imagine would be mixing Amnesia into this, basically enemies that aren't enemies, because most are just "illusions", e.g. you look at them, look away, look again and they're gone. Imagine this with archviles, big NOPE for me. You'd never know which archvile is the REAL one, heh.
  5. torekk

    Forum Update?

    Just a friendly reminder: If you still use one password for every site, it's about time to look into a password manager. I can highly recommend KeePass or any fork of it, preferably KeePassXC since that's the latest one, it takes a day or two to setup most of your accounts, but then you'll find it's just a minute or so to add any site that you come across that you didn't enter yet. There are also browser extensions for it, like ChromeIPass for Chrome or Keywi for FireFox, so you can login with 2 clicks. And I'd suggest Have I been pwned?, that's a site where you can enter your email and it searches through publicly available data breaches for it, useful to know if a hacker might got your data or not. Sadly though, most breaches are kept hold secret for a long time, so even if you find it out it's usually way too late to just change your password. But well, as long as companys aren't forced to inform the user about security breaches, one can only dream... And to make my post not completely off-topic: Those areas could need some padding on the right side and for the file review text, I'd suggest text-align: justify.
  6. torekk

    How do you view video games?

    My problem with video games in general is the whole "better graphics" thing. I'm not sure who thought making everything look like plastic action figures would be a good idea, but basically that. And while we still have "hardcore games", like Dark Souls, I feel most games got too casualized to be really enjoyed, they feel like 1/3 of what a game used to offer back in the day. But that's nothing new to anyone here I guess, so let me tell you about a game I really appreciate: Kairo Normally I don't like adventures that much, but Kairo was different. You just get thrown in there, without a real explanation what's going on and that's it. It leaves room for interpretation and the best: It makes you think about what you're actually playing. Another one would be The Beginner's Guide, but that's more of a interactive story about game development, though the way it is presented is quite interesting.
  7. torekk

    What do you eat?

    Chicken, usually. Noodles and rice are also nice. No German without potatoes, so I got that going. As for "special" food, propably Döner Kebab? At least the myth says it's origin is in my hometown, Berlin. However Döner isn't Döner... a general rule of thumb: If it costs less than 3,50€, it propably tastes like shit. My favorite one is Hakiki, I mean just look at this: Though usually I order without tomatoes and red cabbage, their sour/bitter taste ruins the sweetness of the meat for me.
  8. Not sure how I ended up with that setting, after playing around with the options I made sure to reset them to the default. All I did then was change the scaled option under video mode to 1280x800 from scaled(nearest) since that helped with the FPS the most. Oh and I switched the texture filtering to none(trilinear). Now I'm wondering, if I got better FPS by disabling the renderbuffers before changing the scalefactor, should I keep them disabled? I turned them back on to test if it was just the scalefactor.
  9. Been using GZDoom 3.2.5 now for a while and already played around with the settings, but no matter what I do, it seems the FPS drop from about ~90 down to 30 at times, and that's just playing Doom 64: Retribution. I understand that Skulldash as an example brings down my FPS, seeing as it's a rather huge wad, but the levels in Doom 64: Retribution aren't that large. So far the biggest performance gain I found was setting the scaling to 1280x800 instead of "upscaled(nearest)", which basically put my fps from ~60 to ~200(when not moving) at times. I don't have MSAA or such turned on so I don't know what else would be a "huge" performance hit, already played around with shadowmap size or texture format and filtering to no avail. If it helps any, here's my GZDoom config(stripped the unrelevant stuff): And my system specifications: CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X4 460 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870 RAM: 4GB I know that the AMD card is a legacy one and the driver is outdated, but seeing as I do get over ~60fps at times, I think it's propably just some option that brings down my fps once I see some action. Edit: Uhm, this is weird now. I googled before posting and found an older thread, where "gl_renderbuffers" was mentioned, but the guy said all that did was turn the screen black for him. However setting that option to false instead of true seems to do the job for me, atleast in my quick test I had ~200fps and drops to ~130fps, which I can totally live with.
  10. Seeing as most people have a lot of RAM nowadays, I'd say go for fewer large models or better, just make "one" model and place that in your map, if we're talking about static models. That way you can reduce the amount of stuff that needs to be loaded from the HDD into RAM, which might decrease load times, though nowadays propably not as much as back in the day.
  11. I tried to hide behind the shelves and then peak around the corner, that seemed to work. I don't remember at which skill I played though, propably hurt me plenty.
  12. The halls with the crazy echoing going on first got me confused a bit, since I thought something's wrong with my PC, but then I realized that's exactly what a lovecraftian themed .wad needs. And I had some problems in the library with the mages, but I figured I could just hide around the book shelves. Didn't record a demo, but I might replay this if you release it one day.
  13. torekk

    Recycled Community Project (RC available)

    Figured it'd be nice to explain why I didn't send in any stuff, but basically it boils down to the death of my father in june last year(apparently I didn't already wrote this here, thought I did), which put me into a deep hole that I'm just starting to get out of. And I found out I'm not good at recycling things, as I tend to block myself from changing too much since I want to keep the original as untouched as possible, which is in my case pretty hard since I chose the wrong wad to start with.
  14. torekk

    So where does your username come from?

    Oh god. It all started with the 14 day trial of World of Warcraft where I signed up for a test account at my friend's place. I always liked Turok as a kid and so we tried Turok, but it was already taken. He told me there's an NPC called Turak, so we tried that, didn't work. We ended up with Torek, which worked. The second k came some time after, when at some site a user named Torek was already existing and I couldn't be arsed to think of anything new. And before sticking to this nickname since 2008 or so, I also went by the name KampfKater, so the 2 k's kinda remind me of that. Fun fact: There are 14 player characters in WoW called Torekk, none of them belongs to me. I never played further than the 14 day trial and private servers.