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  1. Uni

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Holy fuck, an entirely new episode for Doom and from what I've seen in the trailer, it looks like it's somewhat made in the same style as episode 4. I'm hyped for this. Also, how cool it is to get new and original content from one of the original creators of Doom, I don't see any reason not to look forward for this!
  2. Uni

    OTEX texture set released!

    Just WoW. Sorry but there's nothing else that comes to my mind right now.
  3. Uni

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    Congratulations to all the winners and the runners-up of this year and a big 'Thank You' to the Cacowards team for once again providing us with these excellent, detailed articles. I felt a small pinch right at the heart when I read about Alfonzo's departure and I too wish him good luck on his future endeavors and hope to see him around maintaining the Ironman contest for us to participate. Regardless, it's a lovely way to celebrate Doom's 25 year anniversary and I already look forward to play each and every one of these great WADs and crossing my fingers for another great and prosperous next year. Cheers!
  4. Uni

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    Yeah, I'll probably wait for next year's Doomworld Mega Project.
  5. Ugh, my bad. I meant Insurgence from Harmony, big fan of that mod and soundtrack. Happens when I'm replying from my phone ^.^
  6. 1. Conductor. 2. Within Reach 3. Coal. 4. Faultline 5. Collapsing Point. 6. The Killing Blow. 7. The Battalion Approaches. 8. Insurgence.* 9. Icicles. 10. Pistons. 11. Samurai Pizzicato 12. The Hornet. 13. Volition. Those are just off the top of my head. I'm pretty sure I missed a couple of more but honestly any Jimmy track is a good track.
  7. Uni

    Seeing Blue - Single Map! v1B

    Cool little map. Some of the traps were rather interesting in their design like the Chaingun room. I thought that the lighting in the starting area could use a little touch up to make it a little be more interesting since it's rather flat. Gameplay was fun and straightforward, a Berserk pack could make things a lot more fun but the Chainsaw do come in handy. Overall, a great "first map" and a decent effort. Keep it up. Also I kept thinking that with all the idea of the blue liquid damaging you, perhaps it could be implemented into the Health Potions just as an extra layer of fuck you to the perfectionists among us, like if the demons poisoned those little bottles and scattered them around so you would fall into taking them. It could be a funny and creative way to add a hazard to the movement of the player so that each one of them drains -1 of hp rather than the opposite. Anyway, just a silly and useless idea but funny when it comes to my mind.
  8. Uni

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    I really don't mind Slaughter maps. I'm sort of in the camp of live and let live. If people enjoy it and there's demand for it then why not. I actually like it when a typical mapset has some sort of a tough challange map in it somewhere, heck it can be even something brutal and I won't be bothered by it as long as it's fair and looks decent. Slaughter maps are as important as any other genre of Doom maps available, they keep the community fresh and productive.
  9. Back to Saturn X Episode 2 MAP20: Speedtraps for the Bee Kindgom Community Chest 2 MAP24: The Mucus Flow
  10. Uni

    When Should You Introduce a Cyber Demon?

    Umm yeah that was part of the less serious section of my suggestions. But keep in mind, some players still enjoy setups like that. Yeah of course. At the beginning you have to avoid it at all cost and afterwards when you progress in the map and find stronger weapons, you can decide if you want to eliminate it.
  11. Uni

    When Should You Introduce a Cyber Demon?

    When Should You Introduce a Cyber Demon? When you least expect it. *Muwahaha cough cough* On a more serious note, I think Cyberdemons works best either as a roaming threat you can't defeat yet or as a climax fight that introduce him in a setup the plays to his strengths. Cyberdemons are somewhat considered as a "boss monster" even though in modern times they are not as scary as they used to be in the early days due to higher skill level and modern controls but they should still not be underestimated. I personally like the roaming version being put in a sandbox map that can chase you all around the map while you still don't have the sufficient munitions to deal with since it adds a certain fear factor to the map and introduce a hazard you can't defeat, but playing a long map that ends up with a cool climax fight with it can also be quite enjoyable, especially if the arena or the setup is well-made. Or you can just throw in a shittons of Cyberdemons into the map and call it a day. Some players might enjoy that too.
  12. Uni

    Avactor Updated !

    Congratulations on the release! Played the first two maps and so far, I'm really enjoying this. I would maybe tweak a few areas in terms of details and gameplay but nothing to heart breaking. Can't wait to see what's coming up next in those maps. Well done.
  13. Uni

    Avactor Updated !

    Watching the trailer, I spotted new enemy type and different sprites for the monsters. Are you planning to update the weapons or modify their behavior in any way? Looks promising by the way.
  14. Uni

    Popular/highly rated WAD's you're not a fan of?

    Likewise. After playing through the first couple of maps, I just lost my interest and never came back to it.
  15. No, not really. Maybe for a few moments. There is not much going on in that little starting room to get you stuck there for too long to be honest. You have two basic game mechanics that you as a player can perform and it's either pressing the use key or shooting so if one of them is not working, might as well try the other.