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  1. Moonblood by Deadwing is excellent and has been released recently. The Rebirth by Björn Ostmann. It has a few modifications but nothing serious and has compact and cool layouts. Really easy to navigate in my opinion.
  2. @InsanityBringer You're doing a very good job in my opinion. Love the big open areas and the height variations and the overall architecture. Looks really good.
  3. Yes, easily. I frequently watch ASMR videos on Youtube and some of them tends to above the one hour mark. Also podcasts and Q&A's plus lectures.
  4. If I remember correctly, the beta version of that map was surfaced, although I'm not sure by who or where but Captain Clever and the co-commentators covers it in Evolution of the WAD E2 - Dead Simple Clones(starts out at 10:25).
  5. As much as I love Sandy's stuff, I have to say my favorite episode is Thy Flesh Consumed. The style, gameplay, the steep difficulty curve(compared to the other official releases)and the diversity of mappers just hit all the right buttons for me. It also introduced one of my most favorite themes in Doom: marble, metal, wood, hellslime(lava/blood), sp_rock and the easily recognized orange sky. I think there's a good balance in map sizes and in terms of quality and consistency, I think it fares better overall than the second and third episodes. Of course there are weaker maps in it, more specifically Green's but I still think they're pretty good in the context of the episode just because it's really easy to make a good looking map with that particular style, very versatile and works in both large and small maps. I even liked the secret level which was more of a "techbase" than the actual episode theme, but I thought it was sort of good looking and a nice shift in mood for that particular map slot. After all, it's the secret level *wink*.
  6. But wasn't Gotcha! made by Romero and not Petersen?
  7. I know it's kinda off-topic but since we're on the subject on who made what, I always wondered why wasn't Romero more involved in the creation of the second and third episodes? Did he ever stated the reasons for why he hasn't made anything for either of these episodes?
  8. Ooohhhh.. Now I'm really intrigued. I'm sure I'm gonna smile though :)
  9. Well of course, it all depends on the setting you're trying to convey. You can also use black/white textures to create "void" or otherwise undefined place which also lacks "sky" texture.
  10. I wonder how "The Helix" is going to sound in this new edition, my favorite Requiem track :) But I can't wait to hear the entire thing because Requiem soundtrack is awesome and I like everything you and Mark made so..
  11. I would be more interested in knowing which monster would like to take me out for a nice seafood dinner.
  12. A personal favorite of mine, Reconstruction / Decomposition by Da Werecat.
  13. I think skies and music are two crucial components when it comes to creating the right atmosphere to any given map.
  14. I think I meant it more as a silly idea, imagine someone trying to make "Slough of Despair" or "Spawning Vats" :) But to be honest, it's kinda similar to something like Doom 2 In Names Only.
  15. A Doom 1 three episode replacement where mappers make the maps based on their appearance in the intermission screen. Not sure if it was done already or was suggested so I apologize in advance if so.