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  1. Uni

    Whats the best Heretic/Hexen-based DOOM wad?

    It might not be as cool or as competent as what Not Jabba researched and linked, but honestly if you're looking for a more "classic" experience of Heretic, I think you should give The Master's Domain a try. It's a little on the older side but I find the maps to be surprisingly interesting and fun and quite impressive for the time.
  2. Uni

    Things about Doom you just found out

    @RjYThere's also a dead sergeant below the yellow key door in MAP15, but it's not quirky or thought-invoking by any stretch of imagination. I also always found the two dead troopers among the alive bunch on E2M5 quite peculiar.
  3. Uni

    Things about Doom you just found out

    @Maximum MattThe are definitely more corpses lying around in E2, E3 and E4. There aren't any Doom 2 monster decorative corpses available, only from Doom.
  4. Uni

    Things about Doom you just found out

    @RjYAgain, the dead marines observation is really interesting. While I somewhat noticed the lack of dead bodies the more I progressed through episode one, it never clicked to me that it might implied you being the first to make it that far. In my mind it was rather a lack of attention by Romero. Regarding E3M6, I vaguely remember someone from the community tweeting Sandy about it and he actually verified the entire scene. Again, showing that Sandy had a lot of ideas to add to the universe of Doom. Yeah I only discovered the shootable mechanic of that room in E2M4 only very recently but again, it's an interesting idea. I think those discoveries and theories are my favorite part about Doom, just the fascination of what they were thinking back then and what inspired them to make it as such. Never gets old.
  5. Uni

    Things about Doom you just found out

    @RjYThat's a really interesting find! Your thoughts about the texturing error on E2M7 were my thoughts exactly. I never understood why there was a random marble texture besides that door but now reading your observation it makes perfect sense. Thinking about this motif, it really feels like something Sandy would do to warn the player about powerful foes, take advantage of the texture set and adds lore to the levels.
  6. Uni

    Favourite Source Port?

    Been using the Russian Doom port lately, it's pretty nice. It also support Hexen and Heretic thus saving me from using ZDoom for those.
  7. Uni

    Best level in Quake?

    I don't think it's necessarily the best map in Quake but E2M5: the Wizard's Manse was always my favorite.
  8. Uni

    Quake Remastered

    I also fired this thing up today and played through the first episode. Was super impressed with how easy it was to dive into this and how good-looking the remaster is, with only subtle improvements. Also, just being able to play this straight out-of-the-box was so lovely, no need to break a sweat on which sourceport to choose from and why. Plus, the expansions packs are included and it even has a brand new episode from what I've read. I'm honestly surprised this didn't cost anything. Thank you Nightdive!
  9. @KykaI was just kidding about Devilution, as it still has not been released yet. Yes actually we did worked together on Revilution, I made the first level and I remember we exchanged some feedback back and forth. I only have fond memories of working on it back then. I also should still have a map in Devilution although I'm not sure if they're going to use it or not. Maybe they replaced it with something better.
  10. As a former member (mapper) of both the TNT projects and as a member of this community, I'm glad to see you back and with a positive attitude. I wish more past members would make a return like that. Maybe this is a sign that Devilution might get released soon?
  11. Uni

    Health "Megaarmor" for Doom?

    I would simply say because of redundancy.
  12. Uni

    Post a picture...that you took

    @[McD]JamesI don't know why but for some odd reason I was expecting you to post something like that. Maybe it's because of your title.
  13. Uni

    Favorite Map Theme.

    The Darkwave0000, Death-Destiny, B.P.R.D. natural landscapes with a touch of a techbase here and there theme, combined with a pleasant, whimsical track from another game, usually adventure-style Zelda like. I guess you could technically categorized it as "Abandoned Techbase (covered in vines, beat up and ruined, etc)" but I thought being more specific would be better.
  14. I always thought that 'O' of Destruction! just sounded better and if I had to choose between the two for a map of my own, I would definitely picked that. Circle of Death sounds a tiny bit more generic.
  15. Uni

    Maps made worse by their music

    Definitely E2M3: Refinery. It's *the* first example in Doom history of using the intermission music in a level. Not that Refinery is such a great level by itself, in my eyes it's not as bad as people usually remember (aside from that terrible STARTAN room) but the music definitely doesn't improve it. Plutonia did it better with the text screen music.