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Everything posted by Uni

  1. Congrats on the release. The screenshots look great. I tried to play through the original back then when it was the new hot stuff but could never get through it, kept getting lost and so was my interest. But having this in vanilla style sounds really interesting and I'll definitely check it out.
  2. Uni

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    MAP05 from PRCP is probably the worst Plutonia map ever made and aside from the texture theme, it has nothing to do with Plutonia. It certainly does not feel like an outtake neither Milo nor Dario would make.
  3. Hey guys, sorry for starting a new thread about this but I downloaded the latest Inter-Doom version and I got 2 notifications from my Anti-Virus that the files have been infected with 2 types of trojan horses : Trigger!rfn and Wacatac.H!ml. Is it possible that the download links are this dangerous or is this just a false positive? I google searched the later one and it seems harmful to the system.
  4. Uni

    Things about Doom you just found out

    That Heretic still has the Barrel Suicide(Pod) bug.
  5. Uni

    re-release Harmony

    Wow, that's freaking awesome news! Harmony is such a cool mod and totally deserve to be officially recognized. Congrats!
  6. @Dasperal Thank you so much for the clarifaction, I figured it was something to do with Windows, just had to be sure. Also thank you guys for making and maintaing this port, it's my absolute favorite.
  7. @Julia Nechaevskaya´╗┐ Thanks for the reply. I figured it was something like that. I was just trying to be sure, especially after recent events. I'm pretty much depended on this port since I can't use any other one, it's simply that awesome.
  8. Thanks, I scanned it and it said that the file might be infected so I'm gonna need to take some steps. I've never had issues with that source port before.
  9. Uni

    Unsual and unknown wads you're aware of?

    Doom Rat was posted here a couple of years ago and it's quite an interesting 90's WAD. I never played through all of it but it has some quirky maps and adorable sprite/sound replacement.
  10. Uni

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I recently discovered that the blood pixels on the right side of the Archvile's corpse is a matter of perspective. I was always bothered by it and thought the blood was merely floating in the air. I couldn't figure out why Adrian never fixed it until I actually looked at the death sequence. Kinda like how Doomguy's corpse is. Also that the last sprite and the 2nd to last sprite of that death animation has almost unnoticeable difference, except just a tiny bit more blood.
  11. Uni

    Mods with explosive hitscan weapons?

    Look up Tarnsman's Projectile Hell, it has an explosive SSG that fires hitscan explosive pellets. Sorry I can't link it, I'm on my phone but you can easily google it or find it on the Doomwiki.
  12. Uni

    One random Arch-Vile in older maps?

    @magicsofa I meant as a general rule, not as every Demon became an Archvile. One Demon per map was replaced with an Archvile, that' why they are usually surrounded by other Demons.
  13. Uni

    One random Arch-Vile in older maps?

    I think it's due to a converter that switched various Doom entities with Doom 2. IIRC Demons became Archviles.
  14. Uni

    What is your favorite texture from classic doom?

    Can't make a map without liquids nowadays but if we're speaking wall-textures then I'll go with GSTONE (and its marble cousins).
  15. A rocket guy that fires a single player-grade rocket, have as much health as a shotgun guy. Drops a rocket when dies. Can be pretty mean like chaingunners but with careful placement can cause a lot of infighting. A low-tier flying monster that has a projectile attack, like a flying imp or something. Cacodemons are too beefy to be considered low-tier even though they're not that powerful.
  16. Uni

    Sally (Boom map)

    Plays fun, fair-challenge, looks good yet simple, has a cute story and comes with a fitting and upbeat midi. Loved it. I watched Tarnsman play it and tried it myself, well worth! What is that midi by the way? Really curious.
  17. Uni

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    I agree with him on MAP20, I couldn't get myself to finish it. I much prefer the beta version of it, even with all of the flaws it had. There was something about the linear journey and the various locales you visit, ending up in that village on the top of the mountain. I guess it comes down to personal taste.
  18. Uni

    Megalyth Brendt Pantley R.I.P

    Heart-breaking news, he was a really talented mapper and I always enjoyed reading his posts around here. May he rest in peace.
  19. Uni

    New "Lost" Duke Nukem Forever Ambience Found

    Awesome find!
  20. 17 levels that I made since 2015 for various projects that I ended up not happy with them. They're each in a different state, some are untextured, some lack gameplay mechanics, some are just missing a couple of areas from being complete and some I just became frustrated with. They just rest in a folder labelled "unreleased" in my Doom folder.
  21. I love this idea, especially the combinations of both worlds. Thank you so much for sharing this, it's quite cool.
  22. Uni

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    @lupinx-KassmanThanks for the reply, I wasn't trying to sound like a jerk or something. I'll do the changes myself and PM you as soon as I can. Possibly this weekend.
  23. Uni

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I recently found out that E3M5: Unholy Cathedral was not entirely Sandy according to him, and that Tom Hall started the concept/layout. Also E3M5 has a very, very similar area found in E2M9: Fortress of Mystery. Might be a case of Sandy reusing his ideas inside Doom 1 already.
  24. Uni

    TNT 2: Devilution (Third beta released)

    I found some issues with my MAP21 that might need some fixing. I tried PM'ing people on the team to offer my opportunity to address these myself but I got no response. Hope someone on the team will be willing to do that for me.
  25. NewDoom Community Project II MAP24 - "Floating Relaxing Tones" by Digital Brain Music Studio. DBP05: Coffin Curse MAP02 - Untitled by bigolbilly. Back to Nirvana X: Episode One MAP24 - "Orinoco Flow" by Enya. I'm really interested in the source of the first one since I have not being able to locate it's origin.