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  1. Deviant Force

    Beyond Hell

    This thread is quite amusing that's forsure and a lil confusing lol also awesome artwork OP
  2. Deviant Force

    The "old doom friends who disappeared" thread

    Its been quite some time since I been on I use to play on Zdaemon back in the day. Was thinking about doom today and figured id get on and see how the doomworld community has been doing I'm very happy to see how good its doing! Its making me want to get back into playing again thats forsure! So glad to see so many people keeping this wonderful game alive. Theres so many great childhood memories I have playing doom it will always be a favorite of mine.
  3. Deviant Force

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Random fact about myself would be that I LOVE tattoos. Also love cartoons like beavis and butthead and rick and morty. Cant get enough of those two toons! :D
  4. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! Its been years since i been on the site or played doom or been on zdaemon? Hows the doom community been? Is it still easy to find a game like it was years ago? whats been new? :)

    1. Wovenloaf


      Stephanie, like, had a baby.

    2. DoomzRules


      Deviant Force said:

      Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! Its been years since i been on the site or played doom or been on zdaemon? Hows the doom community been? Is it still easy to find a game like it was years ago? whats been new? :)

      Oh hi and welcome back! =D

      It's been great, we just got a finalized version of The Lost Levels, and we also are getting Brutal Doom 64! On top of that, well... there's other stuff like Legendoom being released, and a WHOLE bunch of mods being released and stuff like that.

      It's still pretty easy to find a game. I mean it's still hard to find games on Skulltag or Zandronum... but when you find a game.... it's damn well fun. =D

      Oh not much, just extreme hype for Doom (2016).

      I'm EXTREMELY hyped for Doom (2016).

      I really feel like ripping and tearing through some demons, and well..

      Binging through Doom 64, PSX Doom, Brutal Doom, and watching Hellsing Abridged all over again. =D

  5. Deviant Force

    Playing online

    Its been several Year since ive played doom but still love to game. Im thinkin about gettin back into it and was wondering if there's still online gameplay? Does Zdaemon still work? whats the best thing to use these days?? thank u all
  6. Deviant Force

    Playing online

    ok n wats a good website to get all the WADS to play on the zdaemon servers?
  7. Deviant Force

    Multiplayer or Single player?

    What do you usually play Multiplayer or Single player? I play both usually multiplayer but today i beat the first episode of doom roday just cause i wanted a change from DM.
  8. Deviant Force

    Doom's 10th anniversary

    Tonight im gonna play all the dooom episodes and start on making my new map. Happy birthday doom!
  9. Deviant Force

    Doom's 10th anniversary

    Wow 10 years of doom Im just woundering what is the realese date of doom?
  10. Deviant Force

    Zdaemon problem!!

    I just Got Directx 9.0 and It is still saying i have preformed an illegal opperation! =(
  11. Deviant Force

    Zdaemon problem!!

    I can never finish a game cause of this after i get like 8-10 frags on zdaemon it kicks me off the game and says it has performed an illegal opperation and its been driving me nuts. I use a windows 98, hwta could the problem be??
  12. Deviant Force

    Where can i buy Deepsea??

    Hello I've been useing the shareware version of deepsea and I am woundering where I can buy the full version of Deepsea? Thank you for your replies.
  13. Deviant Force

    Zdaemon problem!!

    Um im not sure I highly doubt its the newest version, should I upgrade to the newest?
  14. Deviant Force


    I can drive, Im good at video games, and i can ride a bike =D
  15. Deviant Force

    Problem With MIDI sounds!

    When I try to play doom I can only hear everything that should be in the game except the music. When I first start up doom on the top of the screen in big greenish letters it says midi and the mic symbol with an x over it. Is there any way I can fix this?
  16. Deviant Force

    Problem With MIDI sounds!

    Ok thanks Problem solve =D
  17. Deviant Force

    Some never learn or don't care!

    Well Said Cadman!!!! I agree.
  18. Deviant Force

    Realistically speaking? Hell...

    I can buy doom still at media play around where i live they have old and new games there, thats where i got quake 1 a year or 2 ago.
  19. Deviant Force

    Napster 2.0?

    Napster 2.0 is gonna be a flop i think since your gonna have to pay...
  20. Deviant Force

    damn, its annoying

    Windows98 here
  21. Deviant Force

    Whats your Favorite Doom Monster?

    Mine Would probubly be the Cyberdemon what about you?
  22. Deviant Force

    What do you think of this?

    Like 99% of anime Is like Cartoon Porn Pretty much lol
  23. Deviant Force

    How many of you..

    I am on It every once in awhile but I usually play on Zdaemon if i wanna DM.
  24. Deviant Force

    Musical Instruments

    I play the Drums, I've been playing for around 5 years now. i also Like to play around with my synth ive been into making electronic music for around 2 years now.
  25. Deviant Force

    Whats your Favorite Doom Monster?

    The mancubus is another one of my fav monsters.