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  1. Share a random fact about yourself

    I just tried this, it works for me too.
  2. Share a random fact about yourself

    I once crashed my car into a bridge. I don't care! I love it!
  3. A Micro WAD made by a God(?)

  4. Is happiness real when shared or not?

    This is far-reaching in the era of social media. Everywhere you look, you see pictures of people on vacation, having fun partying, playing with their kids, etc. Most people don't take pictures or post about the horrible sunburn, dry heaving into the bathroom sink, or cleaning up turdfitti, so it's far easier to come to the conclusion that you've been left in the dust while everyone you know is living some idyllic, pristine existence. Everyone, no matter how successful, has shit days and bad experiences.
  5. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    At first glance I thought that was somewhere in Evilution
  6. Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

    It's been discussed into the ground.
  7. Random Image Thread

    @Agent6 Reminded me of this
  8. Random Image Thread

    Damn kids, get out of my corals!
  9. It's also the most obvious solution, which is why it's presented as a trick question. Of course 89+11 is 100, but the last number is 089. In this scenario, the zero matters. You're not wrong, but there seems to be more than one answer. It just depends on how you read the question.
  10. How do you make maps?

    I used to draw Doom levels when I was a kid, and Commander Keen levels and Jetpack levels. It was a lot of fun, even if I never got around to actually building them. Now I just draw a few sectors and beat my face against the keyboard until I'm happy with it. This rarely works out.
  11. I had a dumb idea, could it be 000? Ignoring the non-repeating numbers, we could take into account that all the numbers begin with zero and could continue to begin with zero.
  12. Share a random fact about yourself

    I have to force myself to do this, for some reason it's expected of you even though most people don't do it themselves. I think it's a survival carry-over, most people will look away if you look them dead in the eyes. Humans are strange creatures.
  13. On that note, there is a live-action Cowboy Bebop series in the works. There's no information about it except that it's happening. I'm personally looking forward to seeing it. Cowboy Bebop is my favorite anime ever, so it's a tall order to get it right in my eyes, but I'm always of the mindset that even if I don't like the new material, I'll still have the original.
  14. The recent Disney live-action remakes are pretty good IMO. The Full Metal Alchemist movie was just added to Netflix, I think I'm going to check that out tonight. I'll report back my findings.