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  1. @killer2 You have good intentions, that doesn't make you a dipshit, but Doomworld isn't the place to seek help with psychological issues. Yes, there have been times when someone has relied upon friends within the community and gotten the support they needed, but they were people seeking help. Your example members were not doing that.
  2. @rehelekretep Thanks, I'm going down the list now. That Wiley and Devlin song is the shit.
  3. I do think he spits like a boss. Link me some stuff though, I would like to hear. Not being a dick, I'm genuinely interested. I like Plies and DMX, hard rap with some balls.
  4. Yeah that's another aspect of it that I can't understand. What if I go to heaven and my wife goes to hell, or vice versa. Do we just forget about everyone we loved in this life no matter what happens to them? How can heaven be an existence of pure bliss if the ones you love in this life aren't there with you?
  5. I personally struggle with thoughts on this subject daily. I sometimes have extreme death anxiety and by extension, a deep-seated fear that I will wind up in hell. I know that may seem irrational but it chills me to the bone when it crosses my mind. I'm not a bad person by any means but I don't exactly live a godly life either. I fall into the luke-warm category. I'm torn between what I want to do and how I think I should live based on my beliefs. It's a difficult situation for me.
  6. I don't listen to a whole lot of rap or hip-hop, whatever you want to call it, but Die Antwoord's Enter The Ninja is a beast of a song. Listening to it, I can see why it put them on the map. Ninja is one hell of a rapper.
  7. Yes, when you discount spam bots and outright trolls, it's only a handful of notorious people worth mentioning. @killer2 To put my point of view into perspective, I personally talked to Sigvatr quite often some years ago. He was always cool with me and I found him intelligent and creative. We even had a project in the works. The fact remains, however, that he repeatedly attacked forum members and staff, and got banned for it. Do I think that some of the members who have been banned might deserve a second chance someday? Sure. Do I think some of the still-active members get away with offenses that might have gotten them banned in a different scenario? Sure. But it's not my call, nor anyone's but the forum staff, so let's try not to get too bent out of shape over a few people that, frankly, we're better off not having around.
  8. I just had a random thought that blossomed into an extreme annoyance.


    I was on Messenger with my wife and son while they are in New York visiting family, a thousand miles away from me. I miss them terribly. As happy as I was to see their faces, the blurry, pixelated video call was dropped at least five times in less than fifteen minutes.


    Now I'm not complaining about a lack of service or anything like that, because I got to see and talk to them and that's much more than a lot of people have.


    It crossed my mind that in a few military movies that I've seen, someone is talking to family on video feed, in perfect DVD quality, and then suddenly the call is cut off for dramatic effect.


    If a video call from one location in the United States to another is crap, I really hope that the military has a better connection for the sake of the people who are so far away from their families and might never see them again.

  9. Doomworld has gotten a bit more strict lately, but it doesn't really affect the majority of the members. As interesting and intelligent as some of the permanently banned members in question were/are, they had crossed many lines over and over again. I don't blame the mods and admins for simply sparing themselves more bullshit. Edit: Also, most of them were given chances to be civil and control themselves, usually after being losered many times. It's not like they were immediately dumped into the trash.
  10. Wow, 40 in SoD. That must be insane. I never finished that set, I think I made it to map19.
  11. Heh I guess I didn't recall correctly. Maybe it was one of the Final Doom episodes. I distinctly remember seeing two of them in a map30 somewhere.
  12. Also on UV there are two spawn cube launchers (iirc).
  13. Well I did smell it a little bit when I walked into the room, but I was so tired that I just thought "damn, the cat took a shit somewhere, whatever, I'll find it tomorrow and clean it up". Also the lights were off.
  14. Where to begin? God damn. I'll spare you the boring details of the situation leading to it and just spell it out. Last night I got into bed and laid my head directly into a pile of cat shit. I hate having pets.
  15. I've been doing some work on my map over the past few days, mostly fixing some dumb-ass texturing mistakes and cleaning up the auto-map. I'll be playing around with some DM and co-op settings today, but I have no way to test anything in that department, so I'll upload a new version as soon as I can.