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  1. Well, this past month has been a thing. Sobriety is fucking boring, but I've been keeping myself busy with all manner of projects. 


    I still have cravings every so often, usually just a passing fancy, but sometimes it's a strong compulsion that takes over for a while and makes me feel like I'm going to fucking explode.


    It hasn't been easy but it is getting easier, and I am feeling a lot healthier in general.



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    2. bzzrak


      You can do it! Don't stop.

    3. Benjogami


      Yeah, anxious boredom is how I'd describe it. I used to drink a lot more than I do now, and keeping occupied with some project or another is the best distraction from that anxious boredom for me. For awhile it was speedrunning, now it's mapping. I seem to like repetitive and methodical stuff. Clears the mind.


      Let's keep doing our best! 

    4. durian


      Terrific news! I had those moments of strong compulsion for maybe a year or so after I stopped, but they came around less and less frequently, I guess as I got better at managing the things that I previously been managing with booze. And even after five years I still have moments of passing fancy, but they're no trouble. It will continue to get easier, so look forward to that.