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  1. Today I got a "new" office chair for my computer desk. It's like I'm lounging on a throne of freshly-baked Italian bread.

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    2. RUSH


      The first post was a joke but I think it turned into a semi-interesting conversation nonetheless. Weird as it may be.

    3. Fonze


      In genuinely curious about this "bread chair..." Bread doesn't un-squish easily. Is it yeast-based? Has it been baked already? Was the upholstery also baked? If you sit on it long enough does it become a panini? How do you fluff it back up; do you add more yeast and let sit/rebake? If you fry it, will it become a donut? Does it go well with milk? How big of an oven is needed to bake one of these? Do you need a mixer for this type of thing? So many questions left unanswered... 



    4. Doomkid


      Reading this status then seeing the first visible reply as a scientific breakdown of bread's nutritional value = me laughing my ass off