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  1. Hello Megalyth. Do you want to play a game?


    So this happened as preparations for the trip to the Midwest were nearly complete. The truck was packed, my mother and sister we're about to head to Walmart to get some things, we were supposed to meet them there, and then we'd hit the road.


    We were talking for a less than a minute, and in that time Max wandered off.


    We didn't think much of it, we assumed that he'd went to play with tools in the garage or talk to the animals. No big deal.


    Except that he hadn't done that. We couldn't find him anywhere. Thus began the panic.


    I ran myself ragged through the woods, to the river and highway, anywhere that I could think of that this kid might have disappeared to.


    After a panicked call to 911, he strolled out of my brother's RV, not 20 feet from where it all began, and said:




    Needless to say this event took about 17 years off my life span. Maybe it's something that gets learned the hard way, but the moral of this story is: watch your children. They will take off faster than you realize.


    I've never been so terrified in my life, and I wouldn't wish that feeling on anybody.

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    2. Doomkid


      Fuck, that must have been terrifying. Kids seem to have this magic ability to disappear in 1 second if you turn your back

    3. Ichor


      Maybe this bread rabbit will cheer you up.



    4. Fonze


      Glad to hear everything turned out ok, thanks for sharing the story Mega :)