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  1. I just had a random thought that blossomed into an extreme annoyance.


    I was on Messenger with my wife and son while they are in New York visiting family, a thousand miles away from me. I miss them terribly. As happy as I was to see their faces, the blurry, pixelated video call was dropped at least five times in less than fifteen minutes.


    Now I'm not complaining about a lack of service or anything like that, because I got to see and talk to them and that's much more than a lot of people have.


    It crossed my mind that in a few military movies that I've seen, someone is talking to family on video feed, in perfect DVD quality, and then suddenly the call is cut off for dramatic effect.


    If a video call from one location in the United States to another is crap, I really hope that the military has a better connection for the sake of the people who are so far away from their families and might never see them again.