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  1. I did my first jump today, a tandem jump from 14 thousand feet. It definitely ranks among the most intense experiences of my life. Standing at the edge of the door and falling out into nothing was absolutely mind-numbingly incredible.

    Anyone else ever been?

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    2. Hellbent


      i've been skydiving twice. The point right when you leave the plane is the most memorable. the freefall is always shorter than i think it should be (30-60 seconds feels more like 8).

    3. Megalyth


      From 14'000 feet to 6'000 (when we deployed the parachute), the freefall was about 55 seconds, but felt much longer. The entire freefall was like a dream, honestly. I'm not going to lie, I was pretty scared on the ride up, but when we stepped to the door, my mind went blank. The height and scope of that view was just too outrageous to fully comprehend. Prior to that, I'd only been to 6'500 feet in a small 4-seat plane when I was 12 (and I thought that was high).

      Once the parachute opened, I became instantly aware of the crushing pressure in my ears. That was actually rather uncomfortable. Once I equalized the pressure and realized that I wasn't dead, I had a lot of fun steering the parachute around, in crazy spirals and dives. The landing was very smooth.

      Fun fact: I wore my Cowboy Bebop shirt for the dive, which seemed fitting to me. My instructor was a Cowboy Bebop fan, which somehow made me more at ease. Well, that and the fact that he had hit 5'000 jumps just a few weeks previous, and it was ten years to the day (July 7th, 2000) from his first jump.

      I'm going again in a few weeks. :)

    4. Abyssalstudios1


      I went on the Tower of Doom down at the Elitche's Denver last week. Just 50 (or 60?) feet up, waiting to start your 3 second fall, is scary enough for me. I literally couldn't scream because the air was being forced from my lungs.

      So I'm thinking about 50 feet, and now I'm thinking of the distances you described... holy shit I want to do that.