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  1. I got myself a Droid X today. I've never had a non-prepaid phone before, and I was a bit wary of going on a payment plan, but this thing was too bad-ass to pass up. The main sell for me was having fast net access anywhere. I'm posting this from it right now, hurray!

    I love having the ability to research something on demand. I'm naturally inquisitive, and probably twenty or more times a day I wonder how something works, or what this or that is called. At work I don't have net access, so I usually write down what I'm thinking and look it up when I get home. But no more!

    I've been checking out the apps all evening. I'm quite overwhelmed by how many cool things can be done with this. Merry Christmas to me.

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    2. Technician


      DooMAD said:

      Still happy with my relatively dark-age flip phone with nice big chunky buttons. Balls to all this modern touch screen stuff.


    3. RestlessRodent


      I use a pre-paid Sprint based service. I pay about $10 every month and with all the cash it usually takes me a month to drain it all. I've also been with the company for so long that they give me cash for free (added to the phone) whenever I add more minutes, don't know if it was 20% or 30% though, but it was in 10% increments.

    4. ReFracture


      40oz said:

      Chances are you get little to no service out on a road with no civilization nearby. And is it worth $30 a month to have that luxury? I'd say hell no.

      Whatever works for you man. I've had a cell phone get me out of nasty situations before, so to me, even a cheap pre paid phone left in the glovebox is invaluable.